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Backpack Hero - What is Tasty Fly?

Backpack Hero is an interesting roguelike in which we can come across an item called Tasty Fly. Here you will learn what it is used for and how to use it.

Backpack Hero is an interesting roguelike, in which we play the role of a brave rat. We pay as much attention to fighting enemies as to organizing the contents of our backpack. Among the dozens of items acquired and thrown into it, we can find Tasty Fly. What exactly is it and what does it do? This is what you will find out in the following text.

Tasty Fly in Backpack Hero - how to use it?

Tasty Fly is a rare item that we can come across while traversing dungeons. Its description only says that "rats don't eat flies," so it's not very helpful. The game doesn't inform us why we should even keep it in our backpack.

Despite appearances, Tasty Fly is very useful in a specific situation. A clue as to what to do with it is the line uttered by the frog trader as you move away from him - "tell me if you find any tasty flies!".

When you get a Tasty Fly, therefore, approach the said vendor and use the item during the conversation. By doing so, you will hand the fly over to the merchant, and he will reduce the price of all his goods by 66%.

This means the item is actually very valuable. Thanks to it you will be able to save a lot of money and buy more of the equipment you need.

Note, however, that the discount is calculated against the base price. This discount is not cumulative with others, but replaces them.

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