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News guides 05 December 2023, 04:28

BattleBit Remastered Invasion - Fans Point Out Problems with Balance

With the new update to BattleBit Remastered, Invasion game mode has been added. Many players noticed that it has some balance issues. To learn more, continue reading.

Source: BattleBit Remastered, Developer: SgtOkiDoki, Vilaskis, TheLiquidHorse

Multiplayer focused titles, like BattleBit Remastered, have to be properly balanced in order to be enjoyable. This is, however, a challenging feat to be achieved, especially for a game so big in its size. With matches allowing up to 254 players simultaneously, different vehicles, dozens of weapons and their attachments, it is really a difficult task. The new Invasion game mode introduced in patch 2.2.2 sparked a discussion among fans. While many enjoy the new content, there are numerous opinions that Invasion seems to be not fair for one of the sides. We have gathered players’ voices for you to learn more.

Is Invasion game mode balanced in BattleBit Remastered?

BattleBit Remastered seems to be decently balanced, yet one game mode seems to be a salt in many players’ wounds – Invasion. This is a new mode introduced just recently alongside patch 2.2.2. It is based on an idea of defenders, who are tasked with holding points on a map, and attackers trying to capture them. Both sides have a time limit to acquire their goals.

Invasion is rather chaotic mode that is fast and grindy with small time to kill (TTK). In addition to that, it also allows for vehicle use, which makes it even more hectic. The arguments that appear the most in fans’ complaints are:

  1. Invasion lacks depth and tactical play is lost. With relatively small maps for such mode, use of vehicles seems to cause even more havoc.
  2. They have noticed that it doesn’t allow for proper flanking, as usually objectives lie in a way that effectively prevents such maneuver.
  3. The complaint that can be seen a lot is that a lot of players abuse sniper rifles which makes it unfun to play against. At the same time, it is worth to mention that this is the “feature” of many shooters. However, it can be especially painful on small maps.
  4. Also, the fact that the matches take a lot of time is one of the things that hurt many players.
  5. The biggest charge from fans is that the game is unbalanced because it puts defenders in an advantageous position, effectively turning the mode into a meatgrinder.
  6. The above is connected with the fact that it is extremely difficult for attackers to conquer 3 points at the same time.

Developers’ response regarding BBR Invasion balance

As one of the players in comments on YouTube informs, on one of the streams with developers, they have stated that they see the problems with Invasion game mode and are looking into players’ feedback.

The idea they mentioned is to implement a segmented capture progress, which will be divided into 4 bars. Fully capturing one of them will lock it out and make it easier for attackers. This is only one of proposed solutions that may not see the light of day in this form.

With the fact that there are only 3 creators and the game is still in Early Access, we should be patient and wait for their actions. Keep in mind that due to this reason it might take a bit longer than we are used to.

Aleksander Kartasinski

Aleksander Kartasinski

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