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News video games 12 March 2023, 12:20

author: Adrian Werner

Big Ambitions With Big but Quiet Success on Steam; Mix of GTA and Cities: Skylines

The release of Big Ambitions, a game that enables you to taste the life of a businessman, has been quite a success on Steam. The game is collecting excellent reviews from players and achieving impressive activity results.

The day before yesterday saw the Steam Early Access debut of Big Ambitions, a game combining business strategy with a simulator of life in a big city. After two days of release, it can already be said that the game has been quite a success.

  1. The game is achieving impressive activity results. Yesterday it set a new record of 7838 concurrent users.
  2. On Steam, 96% of player reviews praise Big Ambitions, which is categorized as a "very positive" reception.
  3. Thus Big Ambitions receives a warmer reception than Hovgaard Games's previous game, Startup Company, which has 81% positive reviews on Steam.
  4. Players praise the extensive gameplay mechanics, great interface and and high level of execution for a title released in early access.

Below we cite some sample player reviews:

"This developer has big ambitions and it looks like he will succeed in achieving them."

"A very good game simulating the life of a CEO. (...) It is already very developed, and a lot of content will be added in future updates. I recommend it, because even at 20 euros it is worth the price. It is not a game for everyone because of its complexity, but it promises to be excellent."

"For some reason I can't tear myself away from this game, even though the tasks are so similar to real life and my real job. It has that "just one more task" vibe that keeps me glued to the screen, wanting to achieve in the game what I can only dream of in real life. I can't wait to see what further development will bring."

Recall that Big Ambitions was released exclusively on PC. The game can be purchased on Steam 10% off, to celebrate the release, and will be raised to full price on March 17. The game is expected to spend about 8-12 months in early access.

  1. Big Ambitions on Steam

Adrian Werner

Adrian Werner

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Big Ambitions

Big Ambitions

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