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News video games 20 May 2022, 12:43

author: Miriam Moszczynska

There's Hope for Good Plot in WoW; Blizzard is Looking for Narrative Director

A new job posting has appeared on Blizzard's website. The company is looking for someone to fill the position of narrative director, which could suggest the return of solid storytelling in WoW expansions.

Were yere disappointed by the story of Shadowlands? Very possibly WoW's storytelling will soon be back on track. Blizzard has published a job offer for a narrative director for World of Warcraft.

What will the new director do?

The range of responsibilities is quite large, and it is worth noting that the creation of narrative does not end only with Blizzard's game. The WoW franchise also comprises short stories and books, which will also be the director's responsibility.

"Work with the creative director, game director, art director, design team of WoW and Blizzard's story and franchise development department to guide the development of the world, cultures, and characters of WoW."

It's also important to remember that what happens in the WoW universe is primarily the responsibility of Steve Danuser, who is the main narrative designer. Nevertheless, it's very possible that with a competent director on the team, new expansions for WoW will bring back what has been destroyed by Shadowlands.

Gamers have high hopes

The news of a new job offer, especially at such a high position, has sparked a discussion among the community. Players are hoping that whoever is hired for the role of narrative director will be able to not only develop the story well, but also do so in accordance with the lore.

"I hope this is a sign that Blizzard has finally realized that their narrative development skills are dire, and the last actually good expansion in terms of story was WotLK [Wrath of the Lich King - ed. note], which came out about a decade ago," wrote AttitudeAdjusterSE.

Won't these hopes be futile? We will probably have to wait a long time for an answer. At best, we will see the results of hiring the new narrative director in the upcoming expansion, Dragonflight. We don't know the DLC's plot yet and we also don't know which character the story will revolve around. The expansion's release can be expected most likely (although nothing is confirmed) next year.