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News video games 15 January 2024, 07:17

author: Kamil Kleszyk

Blizzard Preparing an Interesting Change in Overwatch 2. Players Convinced It'll be a Disaster

With the start of the ninth season of online gameplay, the game Overwatch 2 will receive several novelties. One of them will be the ability to passively regenerate health for all characters. This idea did not appeal to many players.

Source: Blizzard Entertainment.

The upcoming 9th season of competitions in Overwatch 2 may be a breakthrough in the history of this online shooter. According to information provided by the game's director, Aaron Keller, in the latest entry on the Director's Take blog, with the start of the ninth installment of virtual battles, all characters in the game will receive the passive health regen. So far, this ability was reserved for players choosing supporting heroes only.

However, the developer ensures that passive self-healing of tank and DPS characters (dealing the highest possible damage per second) will be a slightly nerfed version of what support heroes have. The ability currently allows supporting heroes to recover 15 health points per second, if they do not take any damage for 1.5 seconds. As characters who have lower HP than the others, it gives them a greater chance of survival.

Unfortunately, Keller did not specify how this skill will look from the statistics side for tanks and DPS characters. Instead, the creator explained that this change was to help teams composed of people who do not cooperate with each other (or do it poorly). Thanks to this, players who aren't lucky enough to get healed in the heat of battle will have a greater chance of survival.

This should also relieve some of the responsibility of supporting players in keeping the rest alive, as individual team members will have more control over their own health pool.

The developer admitted that the idea may have huge consequences, which will only transpire once it is implemented. Blizzard therefore reserves the right to roll changes back if they prove to be misguided.

As you can easily guess, not everyone liked Blizzard's idea. A discussion has broken out on X between the opponents and supporters of this idea. However, the majority of players say that this change will harm the idea of team play. In addition, they believe that the position of supporting characters, which have so far been the basis of a strong team, will be weakened.

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