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News video games 17 August 2022, 13:44

author: Miriam Moszczynska

Broken Cyberpunk 2077 Element Fixed by Mod

The Time Dilation Overhaul modification rebuilds the Sandevistan OS almost from the ground up. The project introduces not only a ton of fixes, but also completely new cyberware.


In early August, another Cyberpunk 2077 mod that diversifies gameplay has been released. We are talking about Time Dilation Overhaul, which completely reworks the Sandevistan OS.

The biggest changes in Time Dilation Overhaul

What is most interesting about Time Dilation Overhaul are the fixes to the Sandevistan OS and the behavior of NPCs, who, thanks to the modification, are also covered by the time slowdown effect. Moreover, if our opponents have better cyberware than us, they will move faster with the effect imposed. And vice versa:

"For example, if their cyberware is 50% weaker than yours, they will move 50% slower than normal."

  1. Time Dilation Overhaul on Nexus Mods

TeslaCoiled, the mod's author, didn't stop there. The modification introduces Damage Over Time (DOT) mechanics to Sandevistan.. This is the damage you will receive if you move too fast during the slowdown. They are calculated based on the player's base health.

Different manufacturers, different features

Another big change is the differentiation of Sandevistan's OS functions depending on who you purchase them from. Below you will find the characteristics of each system.

  1. Zetatech - Improves user's ranged weapons, allows for increased weapon attack speed.
  2. Dynalar - Improved defense when blocking with melee weapons. Enables you to deflect projectiles when using katanas, melee kills extend time dilation.
  3. QianT - big slowdown, enemies almost stand still. Amazing melee effectiveness and reduced detectability when sprinting.
  4. Militech - Increased speed and enhanced special effects of ranged attacks.
  5. Raven (new OS) - very short but powerful time slowdown. Removes the manufacturer's restrictions on ranged weapons, allowing for shooting at dizzying speeds.
  6. Fuyutsuki (new OS) - also a very short but strong time slowdown. Increases passive defense while sprinting and enables you to instantly kill enemies with a single, precise katana strike.
  7. MoorE (new OS) - Prototype. Passively increases the user's reflexes, slowing down enemies even outside the user's area of effect. The user can set a destination and "teleport" to it while sending malware to nearby enemies upon reaching the location.

Mod details

The information cited above is just a summary of what you can find in the mod's description on Nexus Mods. Also included are instructions on how to install and configure Time Dilation Overhaul, as well as what other modifications it is compatible with.

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