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News guides 15 May 2023, 12:30

author: Agnes Adamus

Captain in Wartales; How to Get and Use Them

If you are wondering what a Captain does in Wartales, then here you will find the answer. This is because the following guide contains the most relevant information about this rank.

Wartales has left early access. This means that players can finally enjoy the complete game. If you are just beginning your adventure with this strategy game, you are probably wondering what the role of Captains is. Here you will learn what are the benefits of promotion to this rank.

Wartales - how to get promoted to Captain

During the game you will lead a group of mercenaries and with their help you will carry out more or less noble tasks. Fight and perform missions, and after some time, the game will inform you that you can promote one of your men to Captain.

Wartales - benefits of Captain promotion

In Wartales captains acts as a source of motivation for the rest of the squad. The rank has the Galvanize Troops skill, which generates a bonus amount of Valour Points for comrades located in a specific area. This gives you an extra opportunity to execute more powerful attacks. Keep in mind, however, that this ability can be used only once per battle. So you must think carefully about when to use it.

In addition, the Captain can generate one bonus Valour Point each for resting in camp. In order to use this, it must be assigned to the Strategy Table. This facility can be created at the Workshop. Beyond that, promotion to this rank does not guarantee any additional bonuses to the character's stats.

Wartalales – Interactive Map and Guide

We warmly encourage you to read our guide. It contains information that will make it easier for you to play Wartales. What is more, we have prepared a map. You can check it here.

Agnes Adamus

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