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Wartales map and guide by

Wartales map and guide

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Wartales Interactive World Map Wartales

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Wartales Interactive World Map
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Wartales Interactive Map Wartales map and guide

Are you lost in Wartales? In this guide you can find an interactive map for this game. We have marked all Cities, Rat infestations, Arenas, Tombs and Jails.

Last update: 19 May 2023

If you want to find all interesting places in Wartales, you have to read this guide. We have prepared an interactive map to help you. Thanks to it, you will not get lost any more. We marked Rat infestations, Caves, Mines, Cities and many more.


A city is a heart of every region. You can buy necessary equipment here. You can also hire additional companions and take quests. Another thing you can do is craft useful items, meaning your party will visit this location often.

Rat infestations

Plague of rats is a very serious problem in the Wartale's world. You can find many Rat Infestations on the map. These places are dangerous, but destroying them is a good idea. They are often the objective of a quest, but they can also contain valuable ingredients. They are crucial in making some oils.

Caves and mines

Caves and mines are places where you can always find something interesting. There are often some important people and quests there. Of course, it is also possible to find resources in these locations and level up your mining skills.


Here you can fight against strong opponents. On Arenas you can test your abilities, but also get some precious rewards and items, which you can't get anywhere else.


Jails are the best places to buy some ropes and chains which are necessary to capture prisoners and animals. Here, you can sell bandits, who were foolish enough to attack you. So, you should visit them from time to time.


These mysterious places offer various treasures for those who are brave enough to enter them. However, you have to solve some puzzles first. You will also need a Scholar to guide you.

And more

As you can see, we have marked many important places. However, the list presented above is not complete. You can find various points of interest on our Wartales interactive map:

  1. Abbeys,
  2. Abandoned cities,
  3. Border crossings,
  4. Buildings,
  5. Camps,
  6. Castles,
  7. Estates,
  8. Fisheries,
  9. Fortified camps,
  10. Hangman's Tree,
  11. Rouse Field,
  12. Ruins,
  13. Ship,
  14. Stone court,
  15. Training Grounds
  16. Tules glade
  17. Windmills.

Enemy levels in all regions

When you start the game, you can choose one of two Exploration modes. If you pick region-locked, enemies will have fixed levels. Below we have prepared a list, which may help you immensely:

  1. Tiltren: levels 1-3,
  2. Arthes: levels 4-6,
  3. Vertruse: levels 4-6,
  4. Ludern: levels 6-8,
  5. Grinmeer: levels 8-10,
  6. Drombach: levels 11-12.
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