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News guides 20 June 2024, 01:34

Chained Together - Console (Xbox, PS5, PS4) Release Explained

Chained Together was released yesterday, skipping console versions for the moment. Our guide explains if the game will be coming to Xbox, PS4 or PS5 in the near future.

Source: Chained Together, developer: Anegar Games

Chained Together is a cooperative game in which players are chained to each other. Your task is to escape hell by climbing as high as possible. This title, despite the fact that it came out only yesterday, is quite popular among players. So much that some of them are wondering if it will also appear on consoles. In our guide we answer this question.

Chained Together – Console (Xbox, PS5, PS4) Release

Have you been looking for a game where you can spend a fun time with friends? Or maybe one that puts a strong emphasis on cooperation with other players? If so, you've probably heard about Chained Together, which premiered on June 19. Unfortunately, at the moment, this game was released only on PC, skipping other platforms. However, will such a state of affairs also continue in the future?

On the official Discord channel of Chained Together, you may notice that questions about console versions appear quite often. For this reason, the game's developers have answered them in the FAQ section. We can learn that for the moment Anegar Games studio wants to focus on the Steam version.

However, this does not mean that the game will not come out for consoles in the future. Other platforms are taken under consideration, but at this point it is simply too early for that. There is nothing left to do but to wait for the further development of Chained Together and the increasing interest in the game. With this, the chances of releasing ports will be significantly higher.

Dawid Lubczynski

Dawid Lubczynski

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Chained Together

Chained Together