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How to Find All Wings Location in Chained Together

If you wonder where to find all the wings in Chained Together, you've come to the right place. Here you will learn some tips as well as exact locations.

Source: Chained Together, Developer: Anegar Games

It is usually not a great idea to release a smaller game near the premiere of a large AAA title. We have seen such a scenario many times. The most prominent example is probably (more and more appreciated) Titanfall 2 which, when launched, was shadowed by the release of Call of Duty and Battlefield. Chained Together is a rare example of a title that was relatively very successful while debuting near such a monster like Shadow of the Erdtree, probably thanks to the different genre. The simple concept of climbing out of hell drew in many players, who quickly discovered that this feat is not that easy. Progressing up is not all though, as curious players can find something special. There is an interesting collectible in the form of wings that, after gathering all of them, rewards you with something special. Here you will learn the location of all the wings.

All wings location in Chained Together

Chained Together is no easy game by any means. Finding collectibles, which are golden tinged wings in this case, is an additional challenge. However, the effort of finding them all does not go unrewarded. The items can be located at the following heights:

  1. Wing 1: 0m,
  2. Wing 2: 511m,
  3. Wing 3: 673m,
  4. Wing 4: 1220m,
  5. Wing 5: 1394m,
  6. Wing 6: 1684m,
  7. Wing 7: 2166m,
  8. Wing 8: 2523m,
  9. Wing 9: 3132m,
  10. Wing 10: 3313m.

Of course, knowing their height will give you only a brief overview of where to look for them. However, if you would like to learn an exact location, there is a great video from YouTube user Deadzach44, who shows their accurate positioning.

Reward for finding all the wings in Chained Together

As mentioned before, finding the collectibles isn’t in vain. Gathering them all rewards you with an item that can be activated while starting a new game by selecting a proper checkbox that appears with 10 of them collected. Using the wings will grant you the ability to float, making the challenge significantly easier.

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