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News video games 03 March 2022, 18:58

Changes to Healing System in LoL

Public Beta Environment servers in League of Legends are currently testing new versions of items that will significantly reduce the ability to heal. All as part of the developers' ongoing battle for gameplay balance.

  • PBE servers in League of Legends are testing quite a few changes to runes and items;
  • Rebalance includes four items and three healing-related runes.

Yesterday, League of Legends has seen the release of update 12.5, but there's already a lot of buzz online about other changes that will affect Summoner's Rift. On the PBE (Public Beta Environment) servers , solutions are being tested to reduce the capabilities of many healing items.

Healing reduction

Players who have the opportunity to test the solutions that could be coming to the game have noticed that several popular healing items and runes have been nerfed on PBE servers.

Changes to items

  • Vampiric Scepter - Life steal from 10% to 8%;

Life steal is a stat that converts a portion of the physical damage of basic attacks or hero abilities that apply effects when hitting health (via League of Legends Fandom).

  • Bloodthirster - Damage increased from 55 AD (Attack Damage) to 60; Life Steal reduced from 20% to 15%;
  • Blade of the Ruined King - Life Steal reduced from 10% to 8%;
  • Immortal Shieldbow - Mythic passive ability increases health by 70 instead of 50.

Changes to runes

  • Ravenous Hunter was removed.
  • Treasure Hunter added - get an extra 70 gold the next time you collect a Bounty Hunter charge. You will get 20 more gold for each subsequent one, up to 150 gold. Bounty Hunter charges are earned when you defeat any enemy hero for the first time.
  • Minor changes are tested in Legend runes: Bloodline and Fleet Footwork.

As noted by users of Reddit, changes to the healing system are indeed needed, but should affect more items:

"It's a shame that it [healing - ed. note] is still not reduced enough.

Moonstone, Goredrinker, Eclipse, Divine Sunderer remain untouched despite being important healing items.

Bloodthirster? A situational buy for ADC (except maybe Samir/Draven) needs a nerf? It is really only abused by about five characters in the game.

There is no reason to stop there. Continue the healing nerfs, and then do the damage nerfs. [...]

Sometimes I think Riot is only looking one step ahead and not seeing the whole picture," writes Reddit user TheSoupKitchen

Players noted that a few months ago, Riot Games talked about far-reaching plans for 2022, and part of those plans would be to reduce the effects of healing items, as reported on the official website of League of Legends:

"(...) we believe that systems like items and runes provide too much healing and sustain right now. We’ve done some work to address this over the course of 2021, but we’re still meaningfully off from where we want to be

We haven’t settled on the details yet, including whether changes to systemic healing should go out in one large swing or through smaller changes spread out over time."

As you can see, players want more and so far the changes are not enough for them, but if the assurances come true then there is a good chance that they will once again have to adapt to changes in healing mechanics.

Michal Ciezadlik

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