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December in GTA Online is Full of Surprises; Wild Animals and Return of Old Friend

Wojciech Bilicki, 01 December 2023, 05:26

Although December will be marked by the announcement of a new GTA, Rockstar is not slowing down on the topic of GTA Online and has announced an update that will introduce fresh content and gameplay improvements.

2 Years Ago Dread Hunger Was a Steam Hit, Now It's About to Die

Adrian Werner, 26 November 2023, 14:03

It has been announced that the official servers of Dread Hunger, the 2022 survival hit from Steam, will be shut down. However, the developers will not leave the players with nothing.

Dark and Darker Wipes Progress Again; Patch 2 Introduces Tasks [Update: Hotfix 21]

Jacob Blazewicz, 24 November 2023, 02:54

Dark and Darker still hasn't returned to Steam, but it has received another early access update with important changes.

Stranger Things Back in DbD; Fans Fought for Return of Show-inspired Content

Kamil Kleszyk, 07 November 2023, 04:24

Stranger Things content has returned to Dead by Daylight after a two-year absence. Fans of asymmetrical horror are delighted.

Naughty Dog's Director Assures The Last of Us Multiplayer is Still in Development

Adrian Werner, 05 November 2023, 10:55

Contrary to rumors from last month, Naughty Dog has not abandoned the so-called The Last of Us: Factions. The multiplayer spin-off of the popular series is still in development.

Blizzard Releases Sizable Update for Heroes of the Storm; MOBA Revives

Michal Harat, 24 October 2023, 02:01

Do you still remember Blizzard's MOBA game? It turns out that the developer has just remembered it. Heroes of the Storm received a new update after a long hiatus, and it's possible that this is the start of something bigger.

Nobody Expected Heroes of Might and Magic 3 in World of Warships

Michal Ciezadlik, 04 October 2023, 14:39

Nobody expected such collaboration... or did they? We'll find out soon enough, when characters from Heroes of Might and Magic 3 come to World of Warships.

Removed From Steam, Hit Dungeon Crawler Records Great Results

Krzysztof Kaluzinski, 01 October 2023, 23:13

Dungeon crawler Dark and Darker continues to attract more players. Ironmace's work continues to be popular despite being pulled from Steam. The title has attracted nearly half a million users.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre With Millions of Players

Christian Pieniazek, 22 September 2023, 10:48

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, a multiplayer action game based on the movie under the same title, has achieved its first success. The developers boasted that millions of players have checked it out.

Another Intelligence Fail on War Thunder Forum; More Secret Military Documents Leaked

Zuzanna Domeradzka, 29 August 2023, 22:23

Some fans of War Thunder continue to share secret military documents. This time, the forum moderation reacted quickly and removed the published message about the Eurofighter Typhoon DA7 jet fighter.

First Wipe in Dark and Darker - Thank You Cheaters

Marcin Przala, 29 August 2023, 16:23

The online dungeon crawler, Dark and Darker lived to see its first account reset. Unfortunately, the so-called wipe had to take place prematurely, all due to cheaters who took advantage of the game's bugs, destroying its balance.

Aliens Coming to One of Steam's Biggest Hits; Fans Seem Overjoyed [Update]

Kamil Kleszyk, 09 August 2023, 11:29

Fans of bloodthirsty xenomorphs can rub their hands together, as the iconic alien will soon be making its way into Dead by Daylight.

100,000 Bans a Week; Popular FPS Battles Cheater Plague

Sonia Selerska, 12 July 2023, 17:20

Developers admit that the precautions taken so far have not been enough, although bans have been count in the thousands.

This Iconic Horror Game Will Give All It has For Free Before it Disappears

Kamil Kleszyk, 10 July 2023, 00:04

A very pleasant surprise for their fans has been prepared by the developers of a highly praised horror game. In connection with the upcoming withdrawal of the game from official distribution, the developers have decided to offer its basic content completely free of charge.

Warhaven Demo Now Available; Something for For Honor Fans

Zuzanna Domeradzka, 19 June 2023, 15:45

As part of Steam Next Fest, a demo of Warhaven is available for a few days. This multiplayer game may be of interest to For Honor fans.

Friday the 13th: The Game Pulled From Sale Due to License Expiring

Adrian Werner, 09 June 2023, 13:13

Friday the 13th: The Game will disappear from sale in a few months. All because of the end of the licensing agreement with the brand owners.

The Day Before Pretends to be Need for Speed in New Trailer

Jacob Blazewicz, 08 June 2023, 13:37

The Day Before is supposed to take us to a harsh post-apocalyptic world, but the new trailer is more reminiscent of Need for Speed (or I Am Legend) than The Living Dead.

War Thunder Devs Thank Players for Interesting Ideas and Promise Changes

Maciej Gaffke, 31 May 2023, 16:31

The developers of War Thunder have presented the results of a player survey. Gaijin Entertainment already knows what to focus on when improving the game.

New The Last of Us Delayed

Hubert Sledziewski, 28 May 2023, 13:48

The online The Last of Us game has been delayed, although it didn't even have a release date. Naughty Dog needs more time to develop the game.

Blizzard Cancels Ambitious Mode in Overwatch 2; Players Disgruntled

Adrian Werner, 17 May 2023, 13:08

The highly anticipated Hero Mode for Overwatch 2 has been canceled. Players are upset because it was supposed to be an ambitious PvE mode with an elaborate storyline and character progression system.

PUBG Earns Heaps and Introduces Considerable Change in Respawn

Jan Kopacz, 10 May 2023, 15:58

PUBG, the popular battle royale game, is making heaps of money on PC. The developers have shared details of a new update that will make changes to the respawn system.

Highly-anticipated MMO Throne and Liberty Said to be Delayed Just Before Release

Kamil Kleszyk, 23 April 2023, 22:46

Gamers awaiting the release of the hope of the MMO genre, Throne and Liberty, will have to arm themselves with a little more patience. According to the latest reports, the debut of NCsoft's game has been postponed.

After Hogwarts Legacy Comes Quidditch as a Separate Game

Agnes Adamus, 18 April 2023, 13:32

Online game Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions has been announced, in which we will have the opportunity to try our hand at the eponymous sport. Interested parties can sign up for the beta tests.

Meet Your Maker Launches; Game Where Each Level is Made by Players

Jakub Tarchala, 04 April 2023, 12:10

The developers of Dead by Daylight are once again aiming for a one-of-a-kind game. The shooter Meet Your Maker will meet the expectations of both fans of Doom-style FPS games and lovers of building bizarre structures.

No More GTA and Red Dead Extras for Amazon Prime Gaming Subscribers

Kamil Kleszyk, 02 April 2023, 15:01

With the end of March, GTA Online players and Prime Gaming subscribers will lose the chance to enjoy all sorts of Amazon subscription benefits. Red Dead Online fans will soon join them.

Fortnite's Big Novelty Could Transform Epic's Hit Shooter

Adam Celarek, 23 March 2023, 14:47

Epic Games shared some important Fortnite-related news. The most important of these was the release of a powerful new tool designed for content creators in the game.

New Editor Coming Soon to Fortnite; Facilitates Monetization

Zuzanna Domeradzka, 16 March 2023, 23:00

A new editor in Fortnite will debut later in March. Creative Mode 2.0 will be a kind of competition for Roblox.

8 Things You Should Know When Returning to Fortnite in 2023

Paul Wozniak, 07 March 2023, 15:53

Over the years, Fortnite has changed in virtually every aspect. Today we present you with the 8 most important changes you should know about when playing Epic Games' production in 2023.

GTA Online Bets on Solo Experience Despite the Uber-popular Multi

Michal Ciezadlik, 06 March 2023, 14:45

Rockstar Games has changed its approach to GTA Online - at least that's according to an interview with one of the developers. The new content is being created primarily with the single player in mind.

Dungeon Crawler Dark and Darker Gets Another Playtest; Schedule Revealed

Jan Kopacz, 24 February 2023, 15:09

The developers of Dark and Darker have conducted their most successful playtest to date, collected a large amount of data and are planning another playtest before the game goes into Early Access. We know when it will take place.

Beautiful Hope of MMO Coming to the West; Amazon Makes Another Attempt to Conquer the Market

Jacob Blazewicz, 23 February 2023, 15:44

Throne and Liberty (formerly known under the title Lineage Eternal) will come to the West via Amazon.

Fall of MultiVersus; Game Lost 99% of Players on Steam

Jacob Blazewicz, 16 February 2023, 12:45

MultiVersus may not have fallen to the level of Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl, but this F2P game may never again be able to threaten Super Smash.

Steam Hit Dark and Darker Targeted by Hackers; Devs Ask for Patience

Adrian Werner, 15 February 2023, 14:03

Dark and Darker, the black horse of Steam Next Fest, fell victim to hacking attacks. These led to connection problems with the servers.

Dark and Darker With Extended Free Trial [UPDATE]

Adrian Werner, 13 February 2023, 10:52

IRONMACE has announced the date for the next open testing of Dark and Darker, a promising fantasy game whose previous playtest was very popular on Steam.

GTA 5 Crisis Averted? Rockstar Removes Dangerous Exploit

Jacob Blazewicz, 02 February 2023, 12:00

A new patch for Grand Theft Auto V has fixed a vulnerability that enabled hackers to remotely modify player accounts (or even their computers) in the Online module.

More Ubisoft Games are Coming to Steam

Jacob Blazewicz, 23 December 2022, 18:01

In 2019, The Division 2 heralded Ubisoft's departure from Steam. Now, this game will come to Steam with yet another title.

Naughty Dog Turns Towards Fortnite; Studio's Interesting Plans

Jakub Tarchala, 09 November 2022, 13:36

The upcoming installment of The Last of Us could be a game along the lines of Fortnite. Naughty Dog's hiring of a monetization specialist, who boasts an interesting portfolio, suggests so.

New The Last of Us Could be F2P Live-service Game

Jacob Blazewicz, 27 October 2022, 13:06

The Last of Us may be the next series to get a free multiplayer installment.

Resident Evil Re:Verse With Free Early Access for Village Owners

Jacob Blazewicz, 21 October 2022, 15:40

Capcom will finally release Resident Evil Re:Verse, with owners of RE: Village being able to play the spin-off for free and a little earlier.

RDR2 Player Punished for Reporting Cheaters

Jacob Blazewicz, 02 September 2022, 14:21

Rockstar Games is apparently not interested in fighting cheaters in Red Dead Redemption 2. At least judging by the recent scandal with a player being fined for reporting cheaters, despite the developer's (partial) retraction of that decision.

Another Star Wars Game Delayed

Jacob Blazewicz, 28 July 2022, 14:21

The Force seems to have abandoned the game market this year. Admittedly, Star Wars: Hunters did not share the fate of KotOR Remake, but it still suffered a delay.

GTA Online's The Criminal Enterprises Update Launches; Adds Unbearable Heat and Expensive Gas

Adam Adamczyk, 26 July 2022, 13:38

The Criminal Enterprises update for GTA Online is now available. What do we know about it?

RDR2 Fans Held Funeral for Red Dead Online; Twitter Mourns

Jacob Blazewicz, 14 July 2022, 09:56

Tears, graves, mourning outfits and beans - this is what Red Dead Online's funeral looks like in posts by players who lament the „demise” of their game.

War Thunder - Danger Zone Update Available Now

Krzysiek Kalwasinski, 29 June 2022, 14:13

The latest War Thunder update brings a slew of new machines, most notably the F14A. In addition, we'll get several quality-of-life improvements.

First Gameplay Trailer From Texas Chain Saw Massacre Promises Bloody Slaughter

Hubert Sledziewski, 14 June 2022, 20:57

The Xbox Games Showcase Extended presented the first gameplay trailer for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. It's going to be brutal and bloody.

Dinosaurs, Loads of Action and Anthem Vibes; Exoprimal Beta Sign-ups Begin

Przemyslaw Dygas, 14 June 2022, 13:49

Did you like Outriders or the basic idea behind Anthem? Perhaps you should be interested in Exoprimal, whose tests will start soon.

Naraka Bladepoint Coming to Consoles; Launch Soon

Adrian Werner, 12 June 2022, 20:32

Naraka Bladepoint is coming to Xbox Series X/S. The game will be available through Game Pass and will offer a cross-play option with the PC version.

In Spite of Devs' Pleas, War Thunder Fans Keep Leaking Info, This Time About Chinese Projectile

Jacob Blazewicz, 02 June 2022, 15:59

Requests from the Gaijin Entertainment studio were in vain. Secret tank data has appeared on the War Thunder game forums. Again.

Dead by Daylight Players Demand Return of Stranger Things DLC

Agnes Adamus, 01 June 2022, 22:54

Dead by Daylight fans have taken up the fight for the return of Stranger Things DLC. A special petition appeared on the Internet, which very quickly gained popularity.

Arma Reforger Sells Great Despite Problems

Adrian Werner, 23 May 2022, 14:38

Two new releases, V Rising and Arma Reforger, were among the biggest bestsellers on Steam last week.