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News video games 10 March 2021, 15:01

author: Milosz Szubert

Expanded Dueling System Announced for Crusader Kings 3

Paradox Interactive unveiled another new feature that will appear in Crusader Kings 3 with the upcoming 1.3 update - expanded options for single combat.

  1. Paradox Interactive announced another new feature that will be coming to CK3 with the 1.3 update;
  2. It will be an expanded dueling system, thanks to which two heroes will be able to engage in exciting and well-described single combat;
  3. In addition, we've learned about other minor features that the patch will fix.

Paradox Interactive does not cease to heat up the atmosphere of anticipation for the next major patch for Crusader Kings III, which will be numbered 1.3. In recent weeks, as part of the dev diary series, the Swedish team informed us that with the upcoming update, the latest installment of the popular medieval strategy series will gain winters and poetry. However, this is not the end. Today we have learned that the third and last major innovation, which will be offered in patch 1.3, will be the dueling system.

Although duels, which were quite common in the Middle Ages, are to some extent already present in Crusader Kings III (for example, during battles knights of both sides can injure or kill each other), the team from Paradox Interactive, following the example of the previous installment, decided to expand them greatly. While designing these mechanics, they set themselves six points. According to them, the clashes are to be dangerous, reusable, diverse, based on the characters, take into account experience and intuition and give the opportunity to role play. How will it look in practice, at least according to the description?

All duels in the game will take place between two characters, by default over a maximum of four rounds (although there will be an option to easily change this parameter). At the beginning of each turn, first the defender, and then the attacker, will choose the move they want to perform, from a pool of three options available, each time randomized based on the skills of the duelist. From time to time, characters will also receive a chance to perform special actions, such as delivering a demoralizing speech to the enemy. What's important is that each action will have a certain chance of injuring the person taking it. It's supposed to increase with the subsequent rounds of the clash, so appropriate calculation may turn out to be one of the keys to victory.

The basic way to win in duels is to collect the appropriate number of points, the so-called Likelihood of Success. The computer will calculate it after almost every move. In case of a tie, the character with higher value of Prowess wins. When the fight is over, it will be determined how badly the wounded person is defeated and whether they are still alive at all.

Duels are to be initiated at various times - through events, decisions, etc. The most obvious way to initiate a clash is simply to challenge your rival with the appropriate interaction option, which will be unlocked with the Stalwart Leader perk that appears in the melee trees on the character progression screen.

The devs hope that over time they will be able to improve their dueling system. According to the plans, it will feature more moves, etc. New features in the clashes are to be influenced by the upcoming expansions.

In addition, in the latest dev diary entry the team boasted another small glimpse at several minor elements of the upcoming patch 1.3 for Crusader Kings III. Among other things, it will fix the inheritance of certain appearance traits and a number of other more or less annoying bugs, as well as introduce a few changes to the balance, reducing the chance of random infection with syphilis or herpes. Additional details can be found here.

We still don't know when update 1.3, which is to accompany the first major expansion for Crusader Kings III, will be released. However, there are many indications that everything will become clear this Saturday during the Paradox Insider broadcast.

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