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News video games 03 March 2021, 14:54

author: Milosz Szubert

Crusader Kings 3 Patch Adds Poem Tortures

We've learned about another new feature that's coming to Crusader Kings 3 with update 1.3. It's about the option to create poetry, including terrifyingly bad poetry. In addition, we received a small insight into the fixes offered by the upcoming patch.

  1. Paradox presented another new feature that will be included in CK3 patch 1.3;
  2. It is poetry, which will be used to seduce or insult NPCs or torture prisoners;
  3. In addition, the Swedish team offered a small glimpse into the minor fixes and additions that will be included in the upcoming update - balance and interface improvements;
  4. So far, it is not known when patch 1.3 will be released.

Paradox Interactive continues to describe the news that will be included in the upcoming major patch for Crusader Kings III, which will bear the signature 1.3. Last week we learned details about the winter and some changes to the campaign map that will soon appear in the title. This week, however, the Swedish team focused on the presentation of the poetry system prepared for the latest installment of the popular strategy game series, an aspect that played quite an interesting role in medieval court and church life.

As you may remember, the Poet trait was already present in Crusader Kings II. However, according to the developers, its function in Crusader Kings III is to be much more developed. First of all, when we decide that our character should write something, after the process is over we will be able to read his work. It will be formed randomly based on our decisions about its topic (we can choose from love, heritage, mourning, conflict and insult). To start with, the generator will be able to create a poem consisting of two to four lines (not including the title), but representatives of Paradox hope that in the future it will be expanded.

Crusader Kings 3 Patch Adds Poem Tortures - picture #1
Poetry can torture...

All right, but what can the texts written by our characters be used for? For example... torturing prisoners. After all, our character, like Nero, doesn't necessarily have to be an outstanding poet, and the depth of his lyrics may resemble the works of William the Bloody Awful Poet. In this case, many hours of recitation of his worst works will make the unfortunate person put in the role of listener receive a very large number of stress points.

Moreover, poems can be used to seduce or insult NPCs. They will also get the option to send us their works. This will certainly increase the immersion during when playing Crusader Kings III and sometimes lead to funny situations.

Crusader Kings 3 Patch Adds Poem Tortures - picture #2

However, the description of the poetry system is not the only attraction prepared by the representatives of Paradox Interactive in the latest dev diary entry. They also offered a small insight into the smaller additions and fixes that the patch 1.3 will offer. We're talking about improvements in the balance (among them dynastic perks and the transition from tribal to feudal system), new interface (for example, the option to track the march route of allies will be added) or more options during vassalage (for example, we'll be able to offer a softer contract to encourage someone to become our subject) and judging other characters (there will be a chance to pardon them in exchange for improving their reputation). Additional details can be found here.

Crusader Kings 3 Patch Adds Poem Tortures - picture #3
...and insult.

Update 1.3 is expected to appear alongside the first major DLC for Crusader Kings III. Unfortunately, so far we don't know when this expansion will be released. However, we should find out about it on March 13 during the Paradox Insider broadcast.

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