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News video games 29 January 2024, 04:54

City Builder Workers & Resources Finally Introduces Soviet Campaign

Studio 3Division Entertainment is slowly laying the ground for the release of Soviet Republic expansion to Workers & Resources, due later this year. One significant step in that direction is the update, introducing new maps or aircraft, among other things.

Source: Hooded Horse.

Last December, we let you know that after spending five years in early access, the city builder Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic would soon be getting a release date. A big step towards it is the recently released update New elements have been introduced in the game, increasing anticipation for the full release in 2024.

The update introduces two missions/campaigns to Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic - the devs define them differently - complementing the previously available free mode. In "A New Republic is Born," we will create our own state from scratch, and in "Soviet Revolution," we will take control of an already existing state. The plan for 2024 is to release the third, most challenging campaign.

„Communist City Builder” Finally Introduces Soviet Campaign - picture #1

Source: own/Hooded Horse.

Two extra maps, as well as new vehicles and buildings, have been added to Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic in update More planes and airports have also appeared, where landings will take place among grass and mud. Furthermore, certain mods and decorative elements have also been integrated. You can find the list of all changes here.

  1. Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic - official website

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