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Dark and Darker Got First Patch; Numerous Class Improvements

Jan Kopacz, 27 September 2023, 14:11

The hit Dark and Darker has received its first major update. Among other things, it introduces class improvements and new items.

Demonologist Left Early Access; Is it a Mistake?

Agnes Adamus, 26 September 2023, 13:56

The full version of Demonologist unexpectedly launched yesterday. Is this a deliberate move by the developers? Let's analyze this topic.'s Major Update is a Game Changer [Update: Hotfix]

Christopher Mysiak, 22 September 2023, 11:16 has been updated to version 0.30. The big update not only added a lot of content - with a new off-road car and locations at the forefront - but also introduced experimental support for VR goggles.

Warhaven - Crossplay and Cross Platform Explained

Aleksander Kartasinski, 21 September 2023, 11:33

With Warhaven released in Early Access on Steam, many can wonder if it's a cross platform game with crossplay feature. Let's see what has been revealed about this.

Witchfire System Requirements Revealed

Michael Zegar, 20 September 2023, 11:14

The system requirements for Witchfire have appeared online. The long-awaited title will debut in early access tomorrow and will use the DLSS 3 technology.

Venerable RPG Got a Remake After 42 Years; Available Now

Adrian Werner, 17 September 2023, 22:18

Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord, a remake of one of the most important games in the history of the RPG genre, has been released.

Sons of the Forest Now Lets You Dismember Mutant Children

Jan Kopacz, 15 September 2023, 15:36

Sons of the Forest has received patch 11, and with it you can dismember mutant children. Two new types of cannibals have also been added to the game.

Hades 2 Early Access Launch Date

Zuzanna Domeradzka, 15 September 2023, 00:00

Hades II, the sequel to the highly acclaimed roguelike, is set to be released in early access next year. Testing of the game will take place before its debut.

Witchfire Launch When? Is It Coming to Steam? Devs Respond

Jacob Blazewicz, 07 September 2023, 13:42

Witchfire will soon be released. Devs at The Astronauts have discussed what we should expect from early access (and how long it will last).

New MMO on Steam Will Let You Play as Farmer, Pirate or King

Kamil Kleszyk, 06 September 2023, 17:29

Kingdoms of Ereloth will soon debut on Steam Early Acess. This interesting proposal from the MMO genre is likely to win a large fan base.

Dune: Spice Wars Version 1.0 Release Date [Update]

Jan Kopacz, 06 September 2023, 15:01

Shiro Games has revealed when the popular strategy game Dune: Spice Wars will receive version 1.0 and thus leave early access.

Marine Survival Game Sunkenland Devs Roll Out Ambitous Roadmap

Jan Kopacz, 04 September 2023, 14:56

The developers of the marine survival game Sunkenland have revealed ambitious development roadmap. Among other things, we can expect random map generation, new locations and items, as well as numerous gameplay improvements.

Self-immolation, Cozy Base and More; Sons of the Forest Update is Here

Adam Adamczyk, 01 September 2023, 14:02

Update 10 for Sons of the Forest is now available. In addition to removing some of the bugs, it introduced some improvements and features.

Pioneers of Pagonia Launch in December; It's a New Strategy Game From The Settlers Creator

Jan Kopacz, 30 August 2023, 14:55

We have learned the release date of Pioneers of Pagonia, a new project by the creator of The Settlers franchise. We also know when the first demo of the game will be released.

Songs of Conquest Delayed; Novelties Announced

Adam Adamczyk, 29 August 2023, 21:38

We learned the roadmap for Songs of Conquest's near future. The developers shared information about the game's release date and the Steam Deck version, among other things.

How to Get Cotton in Sunkenland

Damian Gacek, 29 August 2023, 12:46

Cotton is one of the basic materials in Sunkenland. In this guide we will tell you how to get it.

Age of Darkness Act III Approaches; Trailer Available

Adrian Werner, 28 August 2023, 00:23

The developers of the survival RTS Age of Darkness: Final Stand have announced the third act of the story campaign. In addition, significant gameplay improvements are planned.

This Survival Game Will Make You Feel Like in Waterworld

Adrian Werner, 28 August 2023, 00:00

Sunkenland has begun its conquest of Steam's Early Access. It's a survival FPP game set in a reality inspired by the movie Waterworld.

How to Get Ice in Sengoku Dynasty

Ewa Ichniowska, 24 August 2023, 12:14

Obtaining Ice in Sengoku Dynasty can be tricky. In this guide, we explain how to get it and make sure it doesn’t melt.

Wayfinder - How to Find The Bell Tree

Aleksander Kartasinski, 23 August 2023, 11:33

Wayfinder offers interesting gameplay and charming world, though due to technical issues it is hard to enjoy. Finding the Bell Tree poses a challenge to many players. If you are one of them, continue reading to learn it's location.

Nightingale Release Date Revealed

Sonia Selerska, 22 August 2023, 21:13

After nearly two years since its announcement, Nightingale, the survival game from Canadian studio Inflexion Games, has received its release date. The title also got an atmospheric trailer.

Dark and Darker - When Voice Chat (VoIP) Will Be Back

Aleksander Kartasinski, 22 August 2023, 11:43

Dark and Darker makes it way back to the players. After its comeback it is missing in-game Voice Chat feature. When will the VoIP be back? Let's find out.

Wayfinder - How to Unlock Venomess

Aleksander Kartasinski, 21 August 2023, 11:04

Venomess is a character in Wayfinder that can't be unlocked in the in-game shop. She requires special actions to gain access to her and here you will learn how to do it.

Large Female Cannibal is Hunting Players in Sons of the Forest

Jan Kopacz, 18 August 2023, 15:15

Patch 09 for Sons of the Forest has been released. The update adds to the game, among other things, new types of enemies that hunt the player.

New F2P Game From Ruined King: LoL Story Devs Delayed at Last Minute [Update]

Jacob Blazewicz, 18 August 2023, 12:08

The F2P game Wayfinder was supposed to launch today, but at the last minute the developers delayed the game's early access debut by a few days.

Wayfinder Server Status - Login Failed Official Notice; Maximum Player Count Reached Explained

Damian Gacek, 18 August 2023, 10:37

In this guide we will talk about server problems in Wayfinder. Many people can’t log in and see Maximum Player Count Reached information. Developers are trying to fix it.

BlazBlue Entropy Effect - Console (Switch, PS5, PS4 and Xbox) Ports Explained

Agnes Adamus, 17 August 2023, 12:59

YesterdayBlazBlue Entropy Effect debuted on PC. In this guide, you'll find out if the title will also come to PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Switch consoles.

Desynced - How to Get More Prefab Blueprint

Aleksander Kartasinski, 16 August 2023, 11:59

As all base building, autoation focused games, Desynced can be hard to grasp at first. If you want to get more Blueprints Prefabs, you are in the right place.

Desynced - How To Use Shared Storage

Ewa Ichniowska, 16 August 2023, 10:58

Shared Storage is one of the components available in Desynced. Check out this guide to find out what it is used for.

Sengoku Dynasty - Roadmap for 2023

Aleksander Kartasinski, 14 August 2023, 14:08

Survival game set in Feudal Japan, Sengoku Dynasty, has reached Steam's Early Access Program. What are the development plans? Check out the 2023 Roadmap to know more.

Sengoku Dynasty - How to Make and Use Buckets

Ewa Ichniowska, 14 August 2023, 11:35

Water is one of the basic resources you need to provide for your village in Sengoku Dynasty. Learn how to access and draw it with a bucket in this guide.

Sengoku Dynasty - Fast Travel Explained

Aleksander Kartasinski, 14 August 2023, 10:56

With the recent debut of Sengoku Dynasty in Early Access, there are a lot of questions about Fast Travel. If you would like to learn more about it, we have you covered.

Dark and Darker Like Diablo 4 Will Have Us Start Over Every Few Months [Update]

Adam Adamczyk, 13 August 2023, 20:33

Dark and Darker will introduce seasons. The mechanic, known for example from Diablo 4, arouse mixed feelings in many players.

Dark And Darker Best Solo Class and How to Play Solo in 2023

Aleksander Kartasinski, 11 August 2023, 11:15

Dark and Darker made its comeback to gaming world. Let's revisit the game to learn the best class for solo adventure and how to survive while playing alone.

Sengoku Dynasty - Console (PS5, PS4, Xbox and Switch) Release

Ewa Ichniowska, 08 August 2023, 12:44

Sengoku Dynasty transports the player into the age of feudal Japan. Will you be able to experience it on consoles (PS5, PS4, Xbox and Switch)? We have the answer from the developers themselves.

Thronefall - Mobile (iOS, Android) and Console (Xbox, PS4, PS5, Switch) Ports Explained

Ewa Ichniowska, 07 August 2023, 12:27

Thronefall, a minimalistic kingdom builder, gained a lot of popularity on Steam Early Access. Find out if there will be console or mobile ports for the game.

Demonologist - Multiplayer not Working Problem; no Lobby Found Bug Explained

Aleksander Kartasinski, 07 August 2023, 10:35

With the new Bedlam map added to Demonologist, there is also a bug introduced that doesn't let some people find lobbies making multiplayer unusable. Here you will find a potential fix for this issue.

'Communist' City Builder Gets Waste Management; Devs Turn Up the Heat Ahead of Release

Agnes Adamus, 06 August 2023, 21:56

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic has received update It introduces an expanded waste management system to the game.

Make Sure You Disable This Option Before You Start Playing Baldur's Gate 3

Jacob Blazewicz, 27 July 2023, 18:25

A lot has changed in Baldur's Gate 3 since the start of early access, but this particular option is better turned off unless Larian Studios fixes it before release.

Sims Rival Life by You Delayed

Maciej Gaffke, 27 July 2023, 16:46

Life by You, an upcoming alternative to The Sims, was due to enter Early Access in September. However, the game's developers have announced that the title's Early Access launch date has been delayed.

BattleBit Introduces a Well-liked Gameplay Mode

Jan Kopacz, 25 July 2023, 16:53

The hit FPS BattleBit Remastered received an update that added the popular Capture the Flag mode to the game.

Smalland Survive the Wilds - Console (PS4, PS5, Xbox and Switch) Release

Damian Gacek, 24 July 2023, 17:43

In this guide we will talk about console release of Smalland. Read our article to learn more about PS4, PS5, Xbox and Switch ports.

Sons of the Forest Introduces New Forms of Defense Against Savages

Adam Adamczyk, 21 July 2023, 15:58

Update 08 for Sons of the Forest introduced quite a few useful features. Among them were new options for defense against the local cannibals.

How to Use Mass Collect in Techtonica

Aleksander Kartasinski, 21 July 2023, 09:29

Techtonica allows you to create large process lines which automate many tasks. In this guide we will cover how to use Mass Collect.

How to Repair Freight Elevator in Techtonica

Aleksander Kartasinski, 20 July 2023, 09:28

If you have noticed a Freight Elevator in Techtonica and would like to repair it, you're in the right spot. Read it article to learn how to make the lift operational again.

Techtonica - Core Composer Explained; Organise Your Research Cores

Ewa Ichniowska, 19 July 2023, 11:04

The Core Composer is a machine in Techtonica which allows you to organize your Reseach Cores. Find out how it works and what is the optimal placing for it.

Techtonica - Black Screen and no Sound Bugs Fix

Damian Gacek, 18 July 2023, 20:07

In this guide we will talk about fixing black screen and no sound bug in Techtonica. Read our guide to learn more.

Xenonauts 2 Launches - Strategy for Gamers Hungry for New XCOM

Maciej Gaffke, 18 July 2023, 15:47

Xenonauts 2 launched today as part of early access. This strategic adventure is available at all three major digital game distribution stores.

Yet Another Zombie Survivors - How to Get It's Raining Men Achievement

Aleksander Kartasinski, 17 July 2023, 11:16

If you are a completionist, I have a good news as YAZS doesn't have too many hard achievement. Nevertheles, one of them is rather unclear - It's Raining Men. Here you will learn how to get it.

Yet Another Zombie Survivors (YAZS) - Potato Explained

Aleksander Kartasinski, 14 July 2023, 11:11

Yet Another Zombie Survivors developers implemented some interesting easter eggs. One of them is very vague - a simple potato. Here you will learn more about why it is in the game.