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News video games 22 July 2021, 10:39

author: Adrian Werner

Company of Heroes 3's Dynamic Campaign Explained

A video has hit the web showing the dynamic campaign mechanics in Company of Heroes 3 and explaining how the strategic layer will affect tactical battles.

Relic Entertainment released an interesting video dedicated to the RTS game Company of Heroes 3. The video focuses on showing the mechanics of the game's dynamic campaign.

This element is new to the Company of Heroes series. Thanks to it we will not only command our troops in battle, but also make decisions on a strategic level. On the map showing the Mediterranean region we will decide on the movements of land, air and naval forces. It will be necessary to secure supply lines, develop spy networks (which willenable us to cooperate with the guerrillas and carry out sabotage actions) and decide in what order to pursue objectives and which units to produce.

Actions on the strategic map will influence the course of classic RTS battles, and the whole system will make it possible to play through the campaign many times, each time encountering different challenges.

The gameplay on the strategic map will of course take place on a larger scale. Players will give orders to the companies. With their help they will conduct battles, capture resources and objectives and cut off enemy supply lines.

Each company is to have its own units and skills. In addition, they will gain experience, enabling us to unlock new abilities and officers with unique traits. We will also use many of these attributes during the real-time battles. On the strategic map we will also command smaller support groups in the form of detachments, which will be able to act independently from the companies. They will also influence the situation during battles. For example, the presence of a detachment with medics near the battlefield will enable us to use a medical transport during the mission, which will replenish the troops and treat the wounded.

The game will offer many such interactions between the strategic and tactical layers. For example, if the battle takes place near the coast and we have destroyers nearby, it will be possible to call for naval fire support during the skirmish. What's more, if earlier on the campaign map we will carry out a fire mission on a given spot, then later during the battle the environment will be destroyed accordingly.

Along with the official announcement of the game, the open alpha tests have launched. If you want to take part in them, you must go to the official website and sign up. The fun will last until August 3. Full version of the game will be released next year only on PC.

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