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News guides 09 March 2023, 00:10

author: Damian Gacek

Contraband Police - Tips and Tricks

Do you want to be a better police officer in Contraband Police? We have some tips and tricks for you in this guide.

Contraband Police is a new simulation game. It allows players to become a border guard. Your task is to control cars, upgrade your post and take care of prisoners and contraband. This title is similar to some extent to Papers, Please. In this guide we provide some tips and tricks.

Contraband Police – tips and tricks

  1. Check the noticeboard every day – it should be the first thing you do in the morning, before you check cars. Information provided on the board is essential to your work. Read carefully all notes.
  2. Unpack cargo –it is a lower chance to miss something when you unpack cargo (remember to open all elements which can be opened). A policeman near the control area can pack it again. It is necessary to finish revision (unless you find some kind of contraband).
  3. Don’t destroy cars – it is possible to damage citizens’ cars. You will have to pay for it.
Contraband Police - Tips and Tricks - picture #1
  1. You have to pay for repairing your vehicle, too– repairing a police car costs 50, so don’t do it after one small crash. Wait a little bit, damage your vehicle more.
  2. Getting out of the car – if you have doors, you can just interact with them and exit a car. If your vehicle lost them (it is possible) you can leave by turning off the engine.
  3. Take cover – try to have as few bullets in the body as possible. Don’t stand in the open because your character will die quickly. Remember that you can crouch.
  4. Be a good policeman – at least at the beginning it is a good idea to be a proper border guard. If you get promoted, your salary for every check will rise and you will get some useful privileges, which will make your job easier in the future.
  5. Search the bodies – they have some ammo. But you must be fast, they disappear quickly.
Contraband Police - Tips and Tricks - picture #2
  1. Always have an axe and a gun with you – these are the most useful tools when you leave the post. You can meet enemies or a tree can block your way.
  2. Buy a new weapon – the game has surprisingly many fights. You have to be prepared for them. The starting gun may not be enough, when there are more enemies.

Damian Gacek

Damian Gacek

Graduate of English Philology and English in Public Communication. He started his professional career as an English teacher. A member of Gamepressure since 2019. During this time, he has been writing for various departments. Currently, he mainly covers guides and occasionally supports the newsroom. He has been interested in electronic entertainment since childhood. When he was younger, he wrote a scientific article on video game translations. An enthusiast of RPGs and strategies, he also frequently dives into the depths of indie games. In his spare time, he is working on a book and learning film editing.


Contraband Police

Contraband Police

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