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News guides 14 March 2023, 12:27

author: Damian Gacek

Should You Arrest Gavrilov in Contraband Police? Choice Explained

In this guide we will talk about choices in Contraband Police. Do you want to arrest Gavrilov? Are you thinking about the consequences of your actions? We have some answers.

In Contraband Police the player becomes a police officer who checks cars and pursues criminals. However, it is not all. There is also a story. From time to time, you will have to complete special missions. At the end of them, it is necessary to pick a side. You can support rebels or the government. If you do not know whether to arrest Gavrilov, read our article.

Contraband Police – Choices and missions

From time to time you will do special missions in Contraband Police. They end with a choice, you have to pick a side – help rebels or be a loyal police officer. For most of the game, they don’t matter. You will encounter the same events and quests (the only difference is their result – a cutscene) and, regardless of your choices, the game will be mostly unaffected.

Nevertheless, they sum up and will influence events at the end of the game. Eventually they will also change the ending. In conclusion, you should pick choices, which are proper in your opinion. Decide who you want to support and see the story.

Should you arrest Gavrilov in Contraband Police

As it was mentioned before this decision will have no immediate outcome. Your tasks will be the same as before, regardless of your choice. Nevertheless, it is one of the events which will influence the ending and will have an impact on the endgame missions. So the question is – do you want to support rebels or the government? Do you want to be a loyal friend or change the country? You have to answer these yourself.

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Damian Gacek

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