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News Files and Mods 19 April 2022, 11:47

author: Adrian Werner

CountryCide - New Version of Stunning Dark Mod for Doom 2

Version 1.1 of the excellent mod CountryCide has been released. Project takes the players to dark, dieselpunk universe enriched with elements of the Cthulhu mythos.

TrenchWork has released version 1.1 of the impressive mod CountryCide. It is a shooter built on the GZDoom engine, which transports the players to an exquisitely designed, original universe, combining futuristic elements with a dieselpunk atmosphere and the Cthulhu mythos.

  1. CountryCide - download page (authors gave us permission to host a mirror)

How to play CountryCide

To play CountryCide you will need three things. First of them is the mod itself. The second is the open-source engine called GZDoom, and the third is a .WAD file. The good news is that this last item can be provided by the files of the first two parts of Doom, as well as the free alternative in the form of Freedoom.

In practice, everything you need to play CountryCide is available for free. Just drop one of the .WAD files and the .pk3 file of the mod into the folder with GZDoom, and then drag the latter into GZDoom.exe.

What is CountryCide and why it's so cool

The mod is a prequel to the larger project called Trench Foot, which for now is only available as an early demo. The project is still far from the release of its full version, so the creators decided to make the wait for it more pleasant by releasing a smaller production in the form of CountryCide.

The action takes place in a gloomy, dieselpunk universe. The main inspiration for the authors was the siege of planet Vraks in Warhammer 40,000. In CountryCide we play as a religious fanatic, belonging to an order that exterminates the enemies of the galactic Caliphate. The warrior travels to a rural province, following visions sent by God, urging him find the followers of a vile cult.

This is a total conversion mod, which means that the authors have changed literally everything. We get completely new weapons, maps, enemies and objects in the environment. All this is beautifully executed, and thanks to the use of the GZDoom engine it presents a much higher visual level than Doom II. In addition, the gameplay has been heavily modified and the controls improved. The creators have also successfully managed to create an atmosphere of horror, which becomes heavier the further we go in the campaign.

  1. Trench Foot - official website
  2. CountryCide - download mod
  3. Trench Foot - download the mod
  4. GZDoom download
  5. Freedoom - download
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