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News video games 01 August 2017, 12:21

author: luckie

DayZ dev's Stationeers to launch in Steam Early Access in September

DayZ's creator Dean Hall is planning to release his next game, Stationeers, in Steam Early Access this September. That date, however, is prone to change.

As you probably know, the creator of DayZ (both the mod and the standalone game), Dean Hall, is currently working on another project, a space station simulation called Stationeers. Similarly to his previous work, this one too will first launch in Steam Early Access, which is currently planned to happen this September, as its Steam page says. However, the developer and his team won’t hesitate to delay it if they think the game is not ready to be presented to the community. Luckily, the development is progressing pretty well, which Dean Hall commented on:

We've achieved very good performance now with very smooth gameplay. We have some fairly nasty bugs remaining out of our refactoring, but we don't expect them to take too long.

Dean Hall has been criticized for very long Early Access periods. This is most evident with DayZ, which launched in 2013 and still hasn’t left Early Acces. However, if you hoped that this time the developer has learned his lesson, you may be disappointed. Dean Hall believes that Early Access is an important tool for building a focused community and shaping games. Therefore, he does not intend to rush things with his new project either. Stationeers will stay in Early Access for at least a year.