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News video games 03 April 2024, 03:30

author: Alexandra Sokol

Democracy’s Defenders in Helldivers 2 Are Screwed. Flying Automatons and Giant Walking Machines Appeared on Battlefield

How much longer can we pretend that nothing is happening in space? Automatons are growing in strength as a result of recent updates from Arrowhead.

Source: Arrowhead Game Studios

Recent reports about Automatons have resulted in chaos among the Helldivers 2 community. The devs are once again messing with the players, introducing new features to the galactic shooter - not necessarily to the players' advantage. Of course, it's difficult to have any discussion here, so the soldiers have no choice but to grit their teeth and brace themselves for the upcoming blows. In this case, specifically from robotic opponents.

Robots in the sky

The defenders of Super Earth were recently led into Automaton territory, where the robots were preparing for a kind of revolution. While the battle on the planet Troost went as planned for the commanders, concern arose over transmissions indicating the appearance of combat helicopters among the robots.

This, combined with the increase in Automaton reinforcements in the next mission, promises quite a challenge for players. Their faction, despite being smaller, compensates with its firepower and resilience to attacks. At the moment, the Super Earth headquarters announces work on a weapon that will be able to face an aerial opponent - however, for now, the soldiers are left to fend for themselves.

They [Drones] keep moving but too early to tell the pattern. They hover in place for a few seconds max and you shoot down one of the engines like a normal dropship. If you hit them deadcenter they can survive the hit and 'burn' but still survive.

-- Bigglettt

The author of the above post also adds that flying drones track and then attack the targeted player. To permanently eliminate a specific "swarm," helldivers need to destroy the factories located on the map - this means the mechanics function in a similar way to bugs. This is a real threat to Democracy, which officers should find out about immediately.

Star Wars enters Helldivers

As if that wasn't enough, another type of enemy appeared in the Automaton areas, resembling AT-AT machines from Star Wars. It's easy to spot the massive battleships moving to assist the robots in battle.

"Artificial mammoths," as one of the commentators put it, clearly caused more panic than drones. At this moment, automatons gained a significant advantage because no one expected the introduction of such a formidable opponent - the walkers themselves didn't appear in too many leaks, which was even more surprising.

Some individuals are already contemplating the further implications of unsuccessful missions. If this continues, the automatons will manage to construct their equivalent of the Death Star.

Alexandra Sokol

Alexandra Sokol

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