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News video games 07 December 2022, 13:47

author: Adrian Werner

Dwarf Fortress With Euphoric Reception on Steam

The commercial debut of Dwarf Fortress was very successful. The game is collecting rave reviews and achieving impressive sales and activity results.

Yesterday Dwarf Fortress, the revamped version of the iconic indie game from Bay 12 Games went on sale on Steam. It only took one day (less than a day even) to conclude that the debut was a great success.

  1. On Steam, the game already has more than 4 thousand user reviews, 97% of which praise Dwarf Fortress, categorized as "overwhelmingly positive" reception.
  2. The game is also achieving impressive activity results - at the hottest point of the release day Dwarf Fortress was played by 22,324 people simultaneously on Steam.
  3. At the time of writing this news Dwarf Fortress is the second highest earning item on Steam globally, surpassing even the revenue from Steam Deck sales. Only the F2P Apex Legends is doing better, currently in its hottest winter event.

Sample reviews of Dwarf Fortress on Steam.

"Finally. After nearly 1k hours spent in RimWorld I can play the father of all colony builders!"

"Recommended. Classic. A little hard to get used to using the mouse, but performance and playability are commendable."

"To those who have tried to play Dwarf Fortress before and couldn't get through the UI: the new graphics and tutorial make the game much more accessible! Previously, just figuring out the keyboard shortcuts took me hours ago, but in the paid version - only a few minutes! In addition, the point-and-click interface is priceless."

"The most complicated game there is. You can do everything in it; the combat is detailed - down to the level of tendons and nerves."

"I have about 4000 hours in the classic free version DF and it is one of my favorite games of all time."

"Some games are built on the shoulders of giants. This game is that giant shoulder."

Some players are also humorously sharing their adventures in Dwarf Fortress

"I completed the tutorial and my fortress was flooded almost immediately, killing almost everyone. 10/10 - the best game of the year and decade."

"What do you mean by drunk cats?"

"The fall of the fortress because the old drunk didn't get alcohol. Recommended 10/10."

"Very cool game, recommend.

I asked for refund - I can't deal with it."

  1. Dwarf Fortress on Steam

Adrian Werner

Adrian Werner

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