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News video games 13 October 2023, 02:35

Giant Bugs From Space Will Attack the West Early Next Year

Earth Defense Force 6 is heading to Western markets. The game will debut not only on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, but also on personal computers.

Source: Sandlot / D3 Publisher

D3 and Sandlot have announced that Earth Defense Force 6 is heading to Western markets. In the spring of 2024, the described game will hit not only PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, but also personal computers. The title can already be added to wish lists on Steam.

In addition, a humorous trailer for Earth Defense Force 6 has seen the light of day. The video is a good foretaste of what the described title will have to offer.

It is worth noting that Earth Defense Force 6 made its debut in Japan on August 25, 2022.. In the Land of the Rising Sun, the title in question was available exclusively on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

  1. Earth Defense Force 6 is the sixth installment of the TPP shooter series launched in 2003.
  2. In 2027, survivors of a devastating war must try to rebuild society and raise civilization from the ruins. Unfortunately, the challenges they face do not end there, as the survivors of humanity still have to face the threat of space invaders.
  3. Earth Defense Force 6 offers a number of missions in which the main goal is to eliminate hordes of enemies. On our way we face such enemies as giant insects (such as ants, wasps and spiders), as well as other beasts, led by giant amphibians armed to the teeth or large flying beasts and reptiles.
  4. During the game we take on the role of a character representing one of several different classes and use a wide range of weapons, including machine guns, laser cannons or rocket launchers. In addition, various military vehicles are put at our disposal.
  5. Earth Defense Force 6 can be played solo or in multiplayer mode. We can play with other people over the Internet or on a split screen.

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Earth Defense Force 6

Earth Defense Force 6