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News video games 29 March 2021, 21:20

author: Agnes Adamus

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Alpha Launches; Roadmap Available

Today, the alpha version of the Odyssey expansion for Elite Dangerous was released on PC. In addition, the developers released a detailed development roadmap for the game.

In a nutshell:

  1. Elite Dangerous: Odyssey alpha launched today;
  2. The developers also presented the game's development roadmap;
  3. The development cycle was divided into 4 stages, each of which will focus on a different aspect of gameplay.

As previously announced, Frontier Developments released the alpha version of Elite Dangerous: Odyssey on PC. Access to the expansion was granted to those who purchased the Deluxe Alpha edition of the game or have the Lifetime Expansion Pass on PC. In connection with the release, a roadmapwas presented, which outlines the developers' plans for the game's future.

The development is divided into four stages. The first of them focuses on refining the main gameplay mechanics and network features. During this phase, players will get access to the Remlock Maverick costume and will only be able to perform certain activities, such as recovery and collection of resources and supplies. Travelling between planets is possible thanks to the new Apex Interstellar system, as spaceships are inaccessible.

In the second stage the creators will focus on gameplay balance and combat. That's when the Manticore Dominator suit and spaceships will be added to Odyssey (with their help it will be possible to travel across up to 20 light years). Faction wars and a mission system will also be unlocked.

The third phase will focus on exploration. The maximum distance that can be traveled by spaceships will be increased to 50 light years. The game will also include the Supratech Artemis suit and a tool for analyzing samples of alien tissue.

During the final phase, the developers will focus on compatibility with existing mechanics. During this phase, players will gain access to their Commander and additional starship models will be added to the game.

The full version of the Odyssey expansion for Elite: Dangerous is expected to hit PC later this spring. It will arrive on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles in the fall.

  1. Elite: Dangerous - official website
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