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News video games 03 July 2023, 11:51

author: Adrian Werner

Ellie a Key Figure in The Last of Us Part 3? New Rumors Leave no Illusions

Trusted insiders have shared interesting reports on The Last of Us 3 and The Last of Us: Factions.

Source: Sony

Credible reports have surfaced online regarding two upcoming The Last of Us games.

The Last of Us 3

Let's start with the more important of these projects, namely the third main installment.

  1. According to new rumors, the shooting (or in this case, motion-capture and audio sessions) for The Last of Us 3 are expected to start later this year.
  2. The main character will once again be Ellie. She is expected to play at least as big a role as in the second installment. So it is possible that we will also control another main character, but at least half of the campaign will go to Ellie.
  3. The source of these reports is ViewerAnon. The user is an insider specializing in movie industry rumors, where he has a very good reputation. The Last of Us TV uses Hollywood actors for mo-cap sessions, so it's no special surprise that news related to the third installment of the series has reached the leaker.

The fact that shooting is set to begin this year suggests that work on the game is already at an advanced stage.

The Last of Us: Factions

There have also been fresh reports regarding The Last of Us: Factions, the multiplayer spin-off of Naughty Dog's popular series.

  1. Another movie insider, DanielRPK, was said to have reached the game's casting documents. According to them, the developers are looking for five main role actors.
  2. They are to play characters named Lucas, Mason, Val, Ezra and Gracis.
  3. The plot will tell the story of these characters living in a Victorian house on the outskirts of a destroyed city. Documents show that Val controls the building, and Ezra will try to change that.

All this suggests that The Last of Us: Factions will be a more story-driven game than a typical online shooter.

The latest game from the brand is a remake of the first part in the form of The Last of Us: Part I, which debuted last year on PS5 and hit PC four months ago. The PC release turned out to be disastrous in technical terms, but by now the developers have managed to fix most of the problems. This can be seen well on Steam, where 83% of player reviews issued in the last 30 days praise the game.

  1. Naughty Dog - official website

Adrian Werner

Adrian Werner

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