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News guides 26 January 2024, 01:56

author: Adam Adamczyk

Enshrouded Max Level and How to Get Skill Points

From this guide you will learn what the maximum level in Enshrouded is and how to earn skill points. Read our article for more details.

Source: Enshrouded, developer: Keen Games GmbH

Enshrouded is a very popular game in which we traverse a vast world, fight opponents, try to survive and build our own base. During the game, you can perform various activities that will make our character stronger. From this guide you will learn what the maximum level in Enshrouded is and how to earn skill points.

Max level in Enshrouded

The maximum level you can currently get in Enshrouded is 25. Interestingly, during the game you can meet opponents who are at level 30. It is very possible that the developers will increase the level cap in the future, which is very likely considering that Enshrouded is in early access, where, according to the creators, it will stay for about a year and will be developed regularly.

How to earn skill points in Enshrouded

In Enshrouded, you can earn skill points that you can spend, among other things, to develop your character. Currently, you can increase the number of skill points in two ways, namely by leveling up or by destroying Shroud Roots. These are red glowing mushrooms that you will come across, for example, while completing the main quest line. It is worth noting that after unlocking Ancient Spire, you will receive information about nearby Shroud Roots.

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