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News video games 06 June 2024, 04:36

author: Zuzanna Domeradzka

Survival RPG Enshrouded Received Second Major Update; Devs Finally Introduced Most Requested Feature by Players

A second major update arrived for Enshrouded. The patch introduced one of the most requested changes by fans and many new features.

Source: Keen Games

Enshrouded, an extremely popular independent survival RPG, has received the long-awaited update named Melodies of the Mire today. This is the second major update that the devs have released during the early access period.

New features and desired change

The latest update to Enshrouded fixes many bugs, as well as adds a few new, interesting elements.

  1. A new area has been introduced, Blackmire, which is intended for characters between levels 13 and 15. This smaller biome is located in the north of Revelwood and, in addition to the area for exploration, it offers additional quests, challenges, rewards, and opponents. This region is also associated with new skills and a soundtrack.
  2. You'll now encounter Valory in Enshrouded, who instructs on playing musical instruments. You can team up with nearby players, or you can also create songs on your own, which will extend the bonus rest time.
  3. Added new type of weapon: daggers. Every character class can use them, but the Ranger will benefit from them the most.
  4. The option to personalize equipment elements has been introduced (doesn't affect the statistics). Linked to this mechanic is the ability to hide the visibility of helmets and gloves.

Many Enshrouded fans will be delighted by the change, which has been desired since the game's early access release. It's about the task progression system - from now on, each mission available in the multiplayer mode can be completed individually, without worrying that in our absence one of the team members pushed the plot forward, causing us to miss something. The journal will now mark all tasks that we haven't completed previously.

Server administrators can also establish passwords for various user groups to prevent disruptive player activities, such as constructing and removing items from the base or stealing equipment.

Remaining fixes

Melodies of the Mire also balances character classes. The biggest changes affected the mages, who will no longer have such a big advantage due to some skills. It's worth noting that the warrior class has been improved (playing as this type of character could be challenging in later stages of the game), and the devs plan to introduce more related improvements in future updates. Furthermore, many other things have been changed, such as the speed of planting and harvesting plants, the range of transferring items, or the way player names are displayed.

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