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News video games 28 August 2023, 00:27

author: Marcin Przala

Escape from Tarkov: Arena is Hardcore CoD; Gameplay Available

Gamescom 2023 brought us the first gameplay from Escape from Tarkov: Arena, a side-scrolling installment of the series, which resembles the Call of Duty series in its dynamics of clashes.

Source: Battlestate Games.

On the occasion of the gamescom 2023, we saw a gameplay video from Escape from Tarkov: Arena, a game that was originally intended to be only a side mode in the popular FPS by Battlestate Games, and turned into a separate project.

Arena, unlike the original EFT, offers more dynamic gameplay - along the lines ofCall of Duty - where on smaller maps single players or small teams face each other, and the combat takes place mainly at close and medium range. Anyway, see for yourself.

As you can perfectly see in the video, EFT: Arena is basically the good old Tarkov, only that on a smaller scale - with the same high death rate, similar shooting mechanics, equipment system, and even similar animations.

True, the characters move a bit faster here, but everything else resembles what we saw in the game, whose beta-testing started in 2017.

Arena thus promises to be a proposition for fans of "hardcore" multiplayer shooters, for whom a limited interface is something expected and who place realism of clashes over their impressiveness.

Basic information about Escape from Tarkov: Arena

Escape from Tarkov: Arena is not only similar to the main installment in terms of mechanics, however. Also the maps that will make their way into the game use the same setting. Thus, some of the locations will be variations on the theme of previously known locations, which have been remodeled so that they are suitable for fighting in a limited area.

  • For now seven maps are planned for the game, which may, however, be subject to change.
  • At this point, the game will offer five gameplay modes. In addition to the standard 5v5 deathmatch or capturing points, there will also be room for a player versus AI mode, mini-tournaments or two-on-two duels.
  • The spin-off will integrate inventory and progression into the main Escape from Tarkov, offering players a range of equipment sets depending on their rank.
  • Matchmaking will be based on player skills (skill-based matchmaking) - which is expected to support competitive gameplay.

In addition, preorders of the game have launched, which costs 37 euros. It is worth mentioning that those who pre-order will get access to closed beta testing, as well as cosmetic items.

Finally, I will point out that Escape from Tarkov: Arena is heading exclusively for PC. For now the game does not even have an approximate release date.

Battlestate Games is a Russian studio. The company was originally founded in St. Petersburg. The developers have moved their headquarters to London, although some of the developers continue to operate from Russia.

  1. Escape from Tarkov: Arena - official website.

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