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News video games 20 July 2023, 15:36

author: Maciej Gaffke

Escape from Tarkov to Get a Ton of Novelties; Gameplay Changes

Battlestate Games has revealed the roadmap of Escape from Tarkov for the rest of the year. There are a lot of changes coming up, which fans of the title are unlikely to be disappointed with.

Source: Battlestate Games

Escape from Tarkov will receive a huge update in the near future, which will provide a ton of new content. Battlestate Games has also released a detailed roadmap for the game in 2023. The first improvements will appear soon - players will be able to test them until August, after which their progression will be reset.

New weapons and more

The developers shared the changes on social media. On Twitter Battlestate Games published a list of tweaked elements soon to be introduced into the game. Many fans of the shooter have welcomed the improvements with enthusiasm.

The upcoming update to Escape from Tarkov will introduce, among other things (all new features can be found on the map below):

  1. random appearance of containers;
  2. improved healing;
  3. enlargement of Tarkov's streets;
  4. a new boss named Kaban;
  5. balance improvements;
  6. mods and new weapons: PKM, SVT, AVT, AK-12 and an edged weapon.

According to Insider Gaming player achievements will be reset to zero on August 28. After that, further changes tested by the developers will appear in the game. Among them will be:

  1. BTRs on the streets of Tarkov;
  2. shooting from the left shoulder;
  3. jumping;
  4. achievements;
  5. a new boss;
  6. new weapons: RPD, SCAR GL, SIG Spear, 9A91 and VSK-94.

Another "wipe" of player achievements is expected to come in December. At the same time, the shooter's developers mentioned that new locations will also be added to the game at a later date.

Escape from Tarkov to Get a Ton of Novelties; Gameplay Changes - picture #1

Escape from Tarkov development mapBattlestate Games

In addition, Battlestate Games is working on several other elements of the game. These include performance optimization, an update to the Unity engine, a new matchmaking system or an effective anticheat.

Recall that the shooter Escape from Tarkov is available exclusively on PC and is still in closed beta, which can be accessed by preorder. Those interested can buy the title directly from the game's official website.

  1. Escape From Tarkov - official website

Maciej Gaffke

Maciej Gaffke

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