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News hardware & software 31 January 2019, 14:13

author: Agnes Adamus

Excellent sale results of Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has reason to be happy. According to the latest forecasts, the Nintendo Switch console sold 32.27 million copies by the end of last year. The sale of games dedicated to the console is also impressive.

Excellent sale results of Nintendo Switch - picture #1
In the last quarter of 2018, Nintendo Switch recorded very good sales results.

Nintendo Switch continues to be popular. According to sales reports published by the Japanese giant, in the last quarter of 2018 the console sold 9.41 million units. This translates into combined sales of 32.27 million units.

This result shows the huge success of the console. In terms of sales, it is catching up very quickly with Xbox One, which has been in the hands of 41 million buyers. Despite such optimistic results, Nintendo decided to change Switch's sales forecasts for 2019 fiscal year (period from April 2018 to the end of March 2019). Instead of the forecast of 20 million, it is to be sold to 17 million buyers.

Excellent sale results of Nintendo Switch - picture #2
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was a great commercial success.

It's not just the console itself that sells great. Dedicated titles also achieve very good results. A total of 163.61 million copies have been sold so far. The most popular titles include:

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate deserves special attention here. This production sold more than 12 million copies in just a month after the premiere. This fully shows the recent popularity for Nintendo products.

Agnes Adamus

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