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News video games 06 June 2018, 11:21

author: Mike Manka

Fallout 76 – Still story-focused, like other Bethesda games

Jason Schreier put a damper on the hopes of many fans when he described Fallout 76 as an online survival game – now he emphasizes that it's still a Fallout that we know.

Kotaku's Jason Schreier has clarified his previous statement on Reddit that Fallout 76 will disappoint fans of classic singleplayer role-playing games: "I should have said that they'll be very surprised”. Even if the new Fallout, according to Schreier’s sources, will have an online component and basic construction, it will still be as story-focused as any other game from Bethesda Game Studios - and "really cool and interesting” on top of that.

Schreier was concerned that the fans would not approach the game with completely false expectations; yet he also mentions he forgot how "passionate" the Fallout community can be.

"I don't want to drive hype for a game I haven't seen or played, but I also don't want people to be so closed-minded that they spend the next nine days freaking out every day on Reddit because this game isn't going to be like the last three.

I mean, how many of you remember when hardcore Fallout fans flipped a shit because Bethesda was making a first-person shooter?

Schreier announced shortly after the reveal of Fallout 76 that the game would become an online survival role-playing game in the style of Rust and DayZ. As a result, not only unbelief but also many hateful messages were directed at him. However, his leaks have often proved to be reliable: He wrote about Fallout 4 on Kotaku in 2013, which was only announced in 2015: "…people here first spent two years calling me a liar, and then when it was confirmed, they just yelled at me for spoiling the surprise."

Bethesda has not yet responded to the rumors. On June 10 at 6:30 p.m. PT we will probably know more, as this is when the studio will start its E3 press conference.

Mike Manka

Mike Manka

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