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News guides 18 April 2024, 07:14

author: Agnes Adamus

Fallout 4 or Fallout 76, That Is the Question

Did Fallout show make you interested in the franchise? From this guide you will find out which game is better to begin your adventure with the series – Fallout 4 or Fallout 76.

Source: Fallout 4, developer: Bethesda Game Studios

Fallout TV series resurrected the franchise, as many people after watching it became interested in the games. If you would like to familiarize yourself with Bethesda titles, you are probably wondering where to start. From this guide you will find out which game is better – Fallout 4 or Fallout 76.

Witch game is better Fallout 4 or Fallout 76?

If you want to continue your adventure with the franchise, Fallout 4 will be a better option than Fallout 76. It’s more in the spirit of the series. The title is a single-player action RPG, where the story and exploration of the world (well, also helping all the villages for the glory of the Minutemen) plays the main role.

  1. During the adventure, you can cooperate with different factions like Brotherhood of Steel or the Railroad. So, you can play the game several times and each time establish an alliance with someone else.
  2. The decisions you make are more noticeable than in FO76.
  3. Currently, you can purchase the GOTY version of Fallout 4 cheaply. The DLC you get in the bundle is worth your attention. One of them allows you to build your own Vault. However, the most noteworthy is Far Harbor, which introduces one of the best storylines in the series.

Fallout 76 has some advantages, too. It’s a multiplayer game, so you can play with your friends without problems. Moreover, this title is still supported and receives new content to add variety to the gameplay. Many players also say that the FO76 is technically better. So, if you want to spend time with friends then the choice is easy.

Agnes Adamus

Agnes Adamus

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