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News video games 08 July 2021, 13:32

author: Iltutmis

Fallout 76: The Pitt Will Revisit a Familiar Location

Bethesda is actively developing the latest part of the Fallout series. The upcoming Fallout 76: Expeditions - The Pitt expansion will take us to the ruined Pittsburgh area known from Fallout 3.

  • The newest expansion will take us to a location from Fallout 3;
  • Fallout 76: The Pitt will come out in 2022;
  • A new update was released yesterday, called Fallout 76: Steel Reign.

Fallout 76, currently discounted on Steam, has been in steady development since its release. The game, which initially received unflattering reviews, has come a long way. Yesterday Bethesda Softworks published further information on the upcoming expansion, announced at this year's E3.

We'll be returning to post-apocalyptic Pittsburgh next year. We already had the opportunity to explore this region in Fallout 3 from 2009. The Expeditions series will take us beyond the Appalachian Mountains to new, previously unseen areas.

According to lead producer Jeff Gardiner, Fallout 76: The Pitt will focus on storytelling. The expansion is being designed with multiple playthroughs in mind.

"We decided on the Pitt because it is local to West Virginia (where Fallout 76 is set) and it's a great narrative location. The designers have thought long and hard about how to make content that is both fun and repeatable [The Pitt] has got really unique mechanics, a really cool story and repeatable content, so players can enjoy it [more than] once"

Mark Tucker, creative director on the team responsible for Fallout 76 commented on the emphasis placed on narrative in the upcoming expansion:

"It's a tricky balance because our game is really unique. We have got a split in our player base. We have [those] who play almost completely in teams, and we have players who never join teams. So, we have to make sure that we are providing great options for both"

In addition to the details released about the new expansion, yesterday marked the release of the latest update - Fallout 76 - Steel Reign. In it, we'll learn the conclusion of the Brotherhood of Steel storyline, upgrade our gear with the Legendary Crafting system, become capable of carrying even more caps, gold bars or stocks, and trade gold with new trader, Minerva of Blue Ridge.

Not to be left out is the start of Season 5 in Fallout 76. K.D. Inkwell returns on the run from the 42nd century, kicking off a new series of ranks and rewards for players to earn. Trader Minerva will be encountered in Fort Atlas, Foundation, or Crater during two events: Minerva's Emporium and the Minerva's Big Sale. As part of Fallout 76: Steel Reign, the game has also received a number of fixes, which you can check out on the update page.

Official Trailer of Fallout 76: Steel Reign:

The latest update is not the smallest one, but Bethesda Softworks has already accustomed us to that in the course of working on Fallout 76. On individual platforms the patch takes: 8.7 GB, Microsoft Store: 15.9 GB, Steam: 7.1 GB, PlayStation: 15.18 GB, Xbox: 15.87 GB