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News video games 01 August 2017, 13:42

author: luckie

Fans of Second Life should now give Sansar VR a shot

Creators of Second Life are taking another step into the future of life simulation with Sansar, an elaborate platform for social VR experience.

Sansar, a social VR platform that builds on the concept featured in Second Life by Linden Lab, is now available as an open beta, which means that everyone can try it out for free. The program is designed for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets, but you can also play it with your standard monitor, keyboard and mouse.

Rather than a game in the traditional meaning, Sansar is a platform, or an elaborate tool for building your own VR environments – such as museums, theaters, space stations, or pretty much anything you like – where you can then invite players from all over the world and interact with them. For that purpose you can use either existing objects or those created by others.

The program features an in-built store where you can sell and buy fan-made content, such as 3D models, scripts, audio files, etc., which can be used for more elaborate creations. Sansar lets everyone create three “experiences” for free. However, there is a several-tier subscription that expands the limit. The Creator subscription ($9.99 a month) grants five experiences, the Super Creator ten, and the Professional ($99.99) twenty. Besides, the developer charges a small fee from each marketplace purchase. Find out more on the project’s official website.