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News video games 04 June 2020, 11:57

author: Bart Swiatek

Father Teaches His Son to Read Using Minecraft

One of Reddit user decided to teach his son to read using Minecraft. The father created a special table with the names of individual items.

Minecraft as educational aid? Why not?

One Reddit forum user decided to teach his son how to read using... Minecraft. He came up with such an idea because the toddler is not too interested in reading, but he likes to spend time with the game from Mojang AB. The problem is that due to problems with connecting letter, the child does not quite manage to find items in the inventory. So the father prepared a table with all the names.

The table is meant to help with the game... but also with learning to read.

Now that's what you call a win-win situation. The child can spend time playing, and at the same time, using the combination table created by its father, reading and remembering item names. How do you like this idea for education?

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