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News video games 21 February 2024, 01:53

author: Zuzanna Domeradzka

Minecraft Goes Official Mods, Some Free. Now Also Easier to Install

Officially supported, easy-to-install mods have made their way into Minecraft. Microsoft has added some free and paid downloadable content to the Marketplace.

Source: Microsoft / Spark Universe

Here comes another day where Microsoft is encouraging us to spend money... ahem... I mean: making life easier for Minecraft players. It was decided to expand the Marketplace offer with modifications made by game partners that were approved by the developers.

Why might these types of projects be important for some players? First of all, due to convenience â?? we download the selected mod directly from the Minecraft Marketplace and do not have to "fiddle" with the game files, which is otherwise necessary when downloading this type of content from third-party creators. Additionally, all DLCs from the Marketplace are assigned to the Microsoft account, so they will be available in every version of the game.

"Unauthorized" modifications published online will still be operable. However, those from the official source will work on Minecraft Realms (on personal servers).

Minecraft is available in the PC Game Pass subscription, which you can purchase here.

You will find new official mods in the "add-ons" category. You can try some of them in Minecraft's Bedrock version today . They are quite interesting proposals, adding to the game things like mutated versions of known mobs, cute animals or new types of portals, serving as fast travel points.

It's worth noting that although some of the first modifications on the market are free, a significant part will probably be paid in the future. For most of the projects published there, you have to pay with Minecoins, which are bought with real money.