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News video games 18 August 2016, 15:14

author: luckie

First Tyranny dev diary discusses player's choices and setting

Playing as a bad guy in a bad world is as appealing, as it is ambiguous. In this Tyranny dev diary video Obsidian Entertainment talk about moral choices in their upcoming RPG.

It’s gamescom 2016, so no wonder that fans of classic RPGs look forward to hearing news of Tyranny, Obsidian Entertainment’s upcoming project. The developers took the opportunity to release the first dev diary video, in which they discuss Tyranny’s universe and setting as well as player’s choices – and how they affect relationships with in-game characters and factions or even shape entire regions.

Tyranny is going to be set in a fantasy world almost completely conquered by an evil overlord named Kyros. She – yup, it’s a she – has just one small region, called Tiers, left to subdue, with which she tasks the player. You assume the role of a so-called Fatebinder, a wandering judge, jury, and executioner, all-in-one. Having put such power in the player’s hands, the developers expect him to quickly turn into a “bad cop”, who mercilessly imposes his will on others. Especiall because the setting is far from being black and white – even when you try to be the good guy, your good will may be taken for weakness and used against you, or worse, your seemingly good choices may have tragic effects for someone else down the line.

Similarly to Obsidian’s previous game, Pillars of Eternity, Tyranny is going to be available on PC only. The game was promised to launch this year, but the 2016 release window hasn’t been confirmed for a while, which may raise some suspicions. But let’s not jump into conclusions just yet, and paitiently wait for more news.

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