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News video games 16 September 2022, 13:54

author: Agnes Adamus

Fractured Online Crafting Guide

Are you starting your adventure with Fractured Online? In this guide you'll learn how crafting works in the game.

Fractured Online is a freshly released open-world fantasy MMORPG. As in many titles in this genre, crafting plays an important role. Below you will find a description of this gameplay mechanic.

Basic Crafting

Every player has access to the crafting panel from the very start. In it they can create bandages and arrows, among other things. From this level you can also create various weapons - from swords to bows. Unfortunately, when crafting from this panel you are only able to create primitive weapons of poor quality.

Theoretically, it is possible to upgrade primitive equipment in Book of Knowledge, however, contrary to the information contained there, the upgrade will not affect the quality of what we craft.

The crafting panel itself is quite simple to use. On the left [1], you will see a list of available blueprints from which you can create items. On the right [2] you will find a description of the weapon and a list of raw materials needed to craft the item.

There will also be buttons on the panel that enable you to create one or many copies.

Fractured Online Crafting Guide - picture #1

Advanced Crafting

In settlements you will find a number of specialized crafting tables - for example, a forge that enables you to create better swords and armor. If you approach and interact with them, a similar panel to the basic crafting will be activated. However, there is an important difference. You can click on the icons of the needed ingredients. A special tab will then unfold, where you will change the raw material needed to create an item. This modification affects the stats of the crafted item.

However, in order to create a specific item, you still need to find the right blueprint. You can find them dropped by defeated opponents. This is based largely on luck.

What's more, when crafting an item, in addition to the required raw materials, you will also need to pay a fee.

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