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News video games 15 September 2023, 11:02

author: Christian Pieniazek

Check Out Gameplay From Baby Steps, Original Game About a Nerd Walking

Gameplay from Baby Steps, a unique title developed by the creators of Ape Out and Getting over it with Bennett Foddy, among others, has seen the light of day. In Baby Steps we will play the role of a nerd learning to walk.

Source: Devolver Digital

Yesterday's State of Play showcased a 2-minute gameplay from Baby Steps, an adventure and arcade game in which together with aclumsy protagonist named Nate, we will learn to... take our first steps in independent life (and this is just the beginning of his great adventure!).

The game is heading for PC and PlayStation 5, but at the time of writing these words there is no release date set yet.

  1. Behind the creation of Baby Steps are: Gabe Cuzzillo (creator of the well-received Ape Out), Bennett Foddy (known for the unique Getting over it with Bennett Foddy) and Maxi Boch.
  2. The game's main protagonist is Nate - the unemployed son of wealthy parents who leads a monotonous life doomed to failure. One day the protagonist is drawn into a mysterious, fog-shrouded land in the mountains. Nate must take up the challenge and move forward to discover the secrets of the place and get to know its inhabitants.
  3. The story of the game deals with issues of wasting life and searching for its meaning, but it is also not lacking in humor.
  4. The biggest challenge in the game in question is controlling our protégé. His clumsiness and problems with balance make moving around the game world quite a problem. And when we master the basics of control and move ahead, we encounter further difficulties, such as narrow paths or slippery, muddy slopes.
Check Out Gameplay From Baby Steps, Original Game About a Nerd Walking - picture #1

Baby StepsSource: Devolver Digital

  1. Baby Steps - official website
Baby Steps

Baby Steps

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