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News hardware & software 01 May 2019, 20:36

author: Jakub Mirowski

"Future Is Private" - Facebook Will Focus On Smaller Communities

During the Facebook developers' conference, Mark Zuckerberg announced a new direction of development for the platform. The popular social website will now focus on protecting the privacy of users and small communities.

After losing $15 billion, the Cambridge Analytica scandal and the infamous hearing before Congress which made him a part of reptilian conspiracies, Mark Zuckerberg eventually decided that Facebook needs far-reaching changes. During the F8 conference in San Jose the creator of the popular social networking service announced that "future is private" and therefore the portal will go through a small revolution. Its most important elements are to focus on groups and events, which in theory should make Facebook a truly social platform.

Future Is Private - Facebook Will Focus On Smaller Communities - picture #1
Instead of a constant influx of news and posts, after the update, our board will mainly contain the information related to our groups.

This isn’t just about building new products. It’s a major shift in how we run this company.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, Inc.

The "new" Facebook is supposed to have groups at the center as main feature. The content will appear more frequently on our boards, and the service will make it easier to find groups and encourage new communities to join in. In addition, in specialized groups, related to a specific topics - such as work or health - there will be additional options to issue advertisements from employers or publish anonymous queries through an administrator. The service will also facilitate access to nearby events. This is another step towards transforming Facebook from a medium that connects everyone with everyone into a platform for organizing small communities and encouraging them to meet in reality.

The desire to protect your privacy is also dictated by the changes you make to the Messenger application. This is to be much faster and more efficient in operation, and at the same time improve the security and confidentiality of conversations. In addition, it will allow you to chat with WhatsApp and Instagram users and watch videos together.

No matter how good intentions Zuckerberg and his company have, it takes a lot of time and effort to rebuild the trust that was seriously undermined by last year's Facebook scandals - and focusing on small communities is just a start.

Jakub Mirowski

Jakub Mirowski

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