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News video games 08 July 2019, 23:10

author: Jacob Blazewicz

G2A Defends Itself by Breaking Journalist Ethics?

Another affair has broken out over G2A. An e-mail from an employee of the company got leaked, in which the employee encourages a journalist to publish a G2A's article without labelling it as sponsored. The platform has dissociated itself from these allegedly unauthorized activities.

Is G2A trying to improve its image in a "creative" way?

G2A cannot complain about lack of interest in its activities. It is doubtful, however, that the website would appreciate further accusations by independent devs of selling stolen keys. The company has already responded to these allegations in a way that raised doubts as to their legitimacy. But all this pales in the face of another affair reported by Thomas Faust, a journalist of Indie Games Plus. He received an email from a G2A employee who proposed a written article entitled "Selling stolen keys in the gaming market is simply not possible" without tagging it as sponsored. Faust immediately published the news on Twitter and PCGamesN asked G2A to comment on the matter.

Maciej Kuc from G2A soon answered the question. He stated that he had to investigate the matter, but it was certainly an unauthorized act. He assured that he is the only one entitled to contact the media and that such action is unacceptable. A little later, G2A confirmed that one of its employees sent emails not only to Indie Games Plus, but also to nine other websites. A harsh punishment for this arbitrary action has also been announced.

Unauthorized (?) employee action has added another brick to the controversy over G2A.

While it is not impossible for employees to arbitrarily take shameful actions, you may wonder how much truth there is in the alleged lack of G2A authorization for his actions. Internet users are already making accusations that the company knew all along and is now looking for a scapegoat. Even if G2A is telling the truth, the scandal is unlikely to have a positive impact on the already damaged image of the platform.

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