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News video games 13 December 2023, 02:15

author: Adam Adamczyk

Game Industry Says Goodbye to E3; 'Sad News'

Representatives of the game industry said goodbye to the E3 fair. There was no shortage of words full of regret, emotion, but also anger.

Source: Entertainment Software Association

That the E3 trade show is coming to an end, we have been guessing for some time, but it was only yesterday that the event's organizer, Entertainment Software Association (ESA), officially announced that the event, the first edition of which was organized in 1995, will no longer be held . To this sad - no matter how you look at it - news reacted game developers, who did not hide their emotions in farewell words.

Farewell to the E3 fair

One of the first developers who decided to say goodbye to the E3 fair was Hideo Kojima, the father of Metal Gear Solid. On his profile on X, the developer published a screenshot from Metal Gear Solid 2 and wrote:

"The end of E3 is sad news. I especially appreciate the presentation of MGS2 in 2000. It has been 23 years since then. I will never forget the standing ovation I received then. Without E3, Japanese developers and games would not exist on the global stage to such an extent. E3 brought together developers and industry representatives from all over the world, crossing borders. Attending events and conferences made it easier to connect with people from all over the world. I am very grateful for that. Thank you, E3."

The official Assassin's Creed profile on X posted a gif tagged with the words "Requiescat in pace, old friend. Thanks for the great memories." The term Requiescat in pace (or "rest in peace") is significant here because these words were often used by Ezio Auditore, one of the heroes of AC.

Cory Balrog, creator of God of War, gratefully recalls presentation of the first installment of the popular series and noted that he both loved and hated that show.

"I was at the demonstration of the demo version of the first God of War many years ago and saw how excited people were about the game starring the angry guy with chains. I both loved and hated that show."

Thomas Puha of Remedy published a photo from the past, which he captioned with the message:

"So many great E3 memories, where to start?! It was always the highlight of the year for me. It was so stressful to figure out if me had the money to go!!!"

Joe Modzeleski, director of development at Limited Run Games, in addition to his regrets, did not hide his irritation. On his profile on X he posted the following message:

"While consumers won't see a difference, the loss of E3 is massive for those working in the industry. Something of real tangible value has been replaced by something far more commercial and cynical. We all know what helped kill E3, and as an industry we should all be upset."

Larry Hryb, who worked at the Xbox division for 20 years, was more sparing with his words.

"2023 will certainly go down as a year of many changes in the industry. #RipE3"

Historic moments at E3

Spectators and visitors at E3 had the opportunity to witness many memorable scenes, not only those directly related to video games. On the stages of the event there was no shortage of presenters trying to be funny by force, and as you can guess - it didn't always work out for them. If you are ready for memories, laughter and a bit of embarrassment, below you will find some moments from E3 that have gone down in history.

  1. Cyberpunk 2077, Keanu Reeves and his famous "You're breathtaking!"
  2. Shigeru Miyamoto swings a sword at the Zelda presentation in 2004
  3. A show of percussion virtuosity at the Wii Music presentation
  4. Interpreter steals the show at PSP presentation
  5. Well BAM! And that's about it
  6. Too many embarrassing jokes at Ubisoft conference
  7. The announcement of the price of the first PlayStation
  8. Even more embarrassing jokes
  9. Final Fantasy 7 Remake announcement

Adam Adamczyk

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