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News guides 14 September 2023, 13:55

author: Damian Gacek

God of Weapons - Invincible Hunter Build

In this guide we will present the powerful Hunter build for God of Weapons. Read our article to learn more.

Source: God of Weapons, developer: Archmage Labs

God of Weapons is a recent Steam release that's gaining popularity among players. Drawing inspiration from Vampire Survivors with its enemy hordes and Backpack Hero with its equipment management, this game appeals to fans of both titles. If you're one of them, exploring God of Weapons is a good idea. To help you get started smoothly, we have prepared a build for one of the basic characters – the Hunter..

God of Weapons – the Hunter Build and guide

The Statue

It is not a surprise that you should buy Projectile upgrades if you play the Hunter. Moreover, it is quite useful to purchase more Health (gain per floor). Additionally, an important boost for every character is more Inventory space. Don’t forget about that.

The Armory

The pick in the Armory is quite simple – look at two last pages. It is there you will find projectile weapons, necessary for the character. All of them are useful in their own way, so firstly pick those which suits your playstyle.

The Hunter build

The build which we would like to present is a typical glass cannon. You will hit quite strong, and many opponents at the same time, but close combat and taking damage is not for you. Nevertheless, if you play it right, enemies will not have many chances to approach you. And if they do, you will quickly regenerate.

Weapons: At the beginning pick Automatic Crossbow. It will allow you to clear first levels quickly and kill many opponents. Along the way choose more crossbows and concentrate on them – the more, the better. Among other beginners’ weapons Crossvolver is interesting, as it offers a powerful last shot. You should not forget about Scattershot Crossbow because it allows to shoot multiple bolts at the same time.

Main Stats: Of course you should concentrate on trinkets which will make your projectiles more powerful. Range and Critical attack are also quite useful. However, while approaching the middle levels, one stat will be obligatory to have – Lifesteal. It will allow you to regenerate Health quickly simply by attacking enemies, and you will shoot many projectiles at opponents.

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Damian Gacek

Damian Gacek

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