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Vampire Survivors (PC cover
Game Box forVampire Survivors (PC)

Vampire Survivors

Old school and very dynamic action game. In Vampire Survivors we play as a character whose task is to survive as long as possible in the arena full of enemies. As we progress we develop the character, so our combat potential grows.

Action | fantasy | play for free | roguelike | RPG elements | 2D | for 2 people | top-down | indie games | co-op | vampires | splitscreen | Game Pass | arena survival

Vampire Survivors Release Date











developer: poncle publisher: poncle

Vampire Survivors is a dynamic game combining features of roguelites, action RPGs and bullet hell shooters. It was developed by an independent studio poncle, having us play as a lone adventurer facing massive hordes of enemies.

The gameplay is minimalist, but extremely dynamic. The title uses simple 2D pixelart visuals.


The main objective of Vampire Survivors is to stay alive for as long as possible against increasingly powerful hordes of monsters. The playable character attacks automatically, while we must weave between enemies to maximize our combat effectiveness.

To succeed, we must stay mobile and gather experience gems which let us level up. Each new level comes with an upgrade, which we choose from a range of available options. These include upgrading a weapon, gaining a new weapon or a passive item. Exceeding some required level goals also unlocks new areas.

The game features dozens of playable characters, purchasable with coins collected during each run. Some of them have additional unlock requirements, such as finding a specific item or defeating a number of enemies of a given type. All heroes have different starting bonuses and weaponry, which include whips, magic wands, axes, holy water, handguns and many others. Each weapon has strengths and weaknesses - some deal high damage but strike only in one direction, while others hit random enemies.


Due to its high replayability, low price and presence on streaming services, Vampire Survivors enjoyed great interest and excellent user ratings. The game was already breaking active user records months before its official release thanks to its early access launch on Steam.

Last updated on 14 March 2024

Game mode: single / multiplayer   Multiplayer mode:   Player counter: 1-4  

User score: 4.8 / 10 based on 485 votes.

Pre-release expectations: 4.3 / 10 based on 395 votes.

Age restrictions Vampire Survivors: 12+

Vampire Survivors System requirements

PC / Windows

PC / Windows

  • Minimum:
  • Intel Pentium 4
  • 1 GB RAM
  • graphic card Intel HD or better
  • 400 MB HDD
  • Windows 10 64-bit
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