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News video games 01 September 2023, 15:44

author: Maciej Gaffke

Good Launch for Starfield Premium Edition on Steam

Starfield has officially entered Early Access and is already recording a great number of active players. Footage from the game is also being eagerly watched on Twitch.

Source: Bethesda Softworks

Early access period has officially begun for Starfield and a lot of Steam users have thrown themselves at Bethesda's space game. This is particularly evident from the stats collected on SteamDB, which proved that in the first hour after the start of early access the title was played by nearly 200 thousand people.

Starfield has attracted thousands of players since the beginning

Yesterday afternoon the Internet was flooded by reviews of Starfield, including ours, which all praised the game. Thanks to this, tens of thousands of players felt their appetite for Bethesda's latest game significantly increase, and those who decided to preorder the premium version on Steam could feel relieved after spending over $100.

After the start of early access, players began their adventure in the universe of Starfield. According to SteamDB measurements, in the first hour the game already had 190,000 concurrent users.

Let's point out that this is still less than recorded by Legacy of Hogwarts in Early Access. Many are probably waiting for the full release, when the game will also become available in Game Pass.

Subsequent hours have increased that number - currently the all-time peak on Steam is 234,502 players, with well over 100,000 people regularly playing the game.

The first results of the game clearly show that Starfield has recorded a strong launch, although the official release has not yet taken place. The game will officially launch on September 6 - that's when the access to the space adventure will be given to players who have purchased the standard edition and Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

Speaking of Xbox - for now we don't know how the player activity figures look like on this platform. However, it can be suspected that Starfield is doing just as well, given its exclusivity.

Crowds watch Starfield on Twitch

Shortly after the embargo was lifted, the first footage from Starfield has appeared on the web. It instantly attracted tons of viewers, taking the title to the top. On the aforementioned streaming platform, gameplay materials from the title are regularly followed by about 350,000 users, and the current all-time peak reached 500,000 viewers.

Many streamers check out the gameplay options by traveling around planets, exploring the terrain and looking for bugs, which Starfield is said to have least of all Bethesda games to date.

It is worth noting that there the first mod for Starfield has already appeared - Upscaler - which introduces support for DLSS technology. You can learn more about it in our news, where we explain how to install this fresh modification.

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