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News video games 09 February 2023, 12:18

We Know How Many People are Playing Hogwarts Legacy on Steam [UPDATE]

Hogwarts Legacy, despite problems with Steam's Early Access, is doing remarkably well. Players who purchased a preorder are crowding in the world of magic and wizardry.

Yesterday's activity record of Hogwarts Legacy on Steam reached more than 489,000 people. This is already one of the best results among single player games in the history of Valve's platform (Cyberpunk 2077 and Elden Ring reached 1.05 million and 953,000 concurrent users, respectively, while Fallout 4 - 472,962), and yet we are still only dealing with early access to the game for purchasers of the Deluxe edition. There is a chance that the weekend after tomorrow's official launch will be exceptionally interesting.

Since yesterday, players on current-gen consoles and PCs can enjoy Hogwarts Legacy as part of the early access provided to those who bought the game in the Deluxe version preorder.

However, it was not without issues on Steam. Although theoretically every Deluxe preorder holder on PC should have been able to access the game as of 10 am PT, in practice a ton of players reported problems with getting it to run. Despite the problems, many people managed to launch the game and play it anyway.

Hogwarts Legacy Interactive Maps

We Know How Many People are Playing Hogwarts Legacy on Steam [UPDATE] - picture #1

We've prepared interactive maps for Hogwarts Legacy that contain the game's secrets, collectibles, Merlin trails, collection chests, ancient magic hotspots, sidequests and more. Make sure to check out our original guide and the interactive maps.

Everyone wants to be a wizard

SteamDB, which keeps meticulous statistics on Steam launches, provided the first data on the number of players in the world of Hogwarts Legacy. The wizarding action RPG has are more than 280 thousand residents. (data as of 4 am PT).

Let us emphasize again that this is only about people playing Hogwarts Legacy in Early Access, which may indicate that this number could grow dramatically on the day of release. It remains an open question as to whether Avalanche Software will be ready for the potential onslaught of gamers, since even Steam's Early Access caused problems.

Controversy doesn't hurt

It appears that Hogwarts Legacy has not been harmed at all by the media hype surrounding the author of the Harry Potter book series and the entire Wizarding World - J.K Rowling. The situation has been dragging on for several years now, and it was started by controversial statements directed at transgender people.

Some gamers urged a boycott of the game, but, apparently, fans of the Harry Potter universe just want to have fun, and reviews prove that the title is able to give them really a lot in this regard.

As a reminder, officially the gates of Hogwarts will open on February 10 for PS5, XSX/S and PC owners. PS4 and XOne owners will have to wait until April 4, and Nintendo Switch players - until July 25.

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