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News video games 10 February 2023, 15:00

author: Adam Adamczyk

Impressive Map of GTA Universe for San Andreas

Do you think GTA: San Andreas is too small? This ambitious project brings a huge map and additional content to the game.

I can confidently admit that Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is one of the most enjoyable games I've ever spent time playing, and I'm sure there are many among you who would say the same. This iconic installment of Rockstar's series has aged hard when compared to GTA V, but that doesn't mean at all that fans have abandoned it. On the contrary - as it turns out, a certain group of the game's supporters decided to bring to this title all the areas known from the series. The scale of the project is impressive as it is, but this could be just the beginning.

GTA bigger than ever before

The modification, named Grand Theft Auto: Stars and Stripes is being developed by a group of fans who decided to expand the standard San Andreas map with locations known from other installments of GTA. The project is very ambitious and requires a lot of work, so it is still quite empty in places, as you can see in the video above. However, this does not change the fact that the scale is impressive.

Impressive Map of GTA Universe for San Andreas - picture #1

The map in Grand Theft Auto: Stars and StripesGrand Theft Auto: Stars and Stripes

Ultimately, in Stars and Stripes we are to visit Vice City, Liberty City, as well as states known from the universe, such as Lincoln, Yankton, Anneland and many others. You can check the full list in the mod's thread on GTA Forums, a link to which can be found at the end of this text..

But why would anyone need a huge map if there will be nothing to do on it? It turns out that new locations are not everything, because according to the creators, the modification is also to receive additional vehicles, weapons, apartments to buy (with unique interiors), side missions, and in the future maybe even a completely new story line.

Players are thrilled with the project and appreciate the work done by the modders, which is clearly visible in the comments under the video.

"This shows how much gamers love this legendary game," praises Maximus Gameplay563

"I can imagine how enjoyable it would be to traverse the map while listening to K-DST or K-Rose radio," notes Mashasbi

"This is absolutely wonderful," wrote Modern Cheats

We'll probably still have to wait for the full version, but that doesn't mean you can't test Stars and Stripes right now. You can find a link to the latest version of the mod on the aforementioned forum (address below).

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