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News video games 18 April 2024, 03:56

author: Zuzanna Domeradzka

Hades 2 on Extra-Long Gameplay. Check out How Sequel Differs From Brilliant Original

During a stream organized by the Supergiant Games studio, we saw gameplay from the upcoming game Hades II. Thus, we got to know the differences in gameplay from the first part.

Source: Supergiant Games

The technical trials for the roguelike game Hades II will begin soon. The continuation of the highly acclaimed game about the son of the ruler of the underworld of the dead is eagerly anticipated by many, but not everyone will have the opportunity to test the game before its release. Fans who don't get access to the tests might want to check out the gameplay footage from today's stream by Supergiant Games.

The developers of Hades II, director Amir Rao and creative director Greg Kasavin, played an early version of the game live, which will soon also be tested during technical trials. The stream lasted a very long time, but thanks to it we now know what the first main location looks like and how Hades II is different from the first installment.

The basics of the gameplay are practically the same - playing as Melinoë, we traverse randomly generated levels, defeating enemies with the divine gifts acquired during the journey.

  1. The protagonist of the sequel is a witch. This implies that she uses her own magic in battle (rather than just weapons like Zagreus) and has the ability to gather resources in the Underworld for later use in a secure location. The game introduces new character upgrade mechanics that weren't present in the first installment, such as the Altar of Ashes (where players can use previously obtained ashes to discover new cards with benefits) and casting spells using a pot.
  2. Just like with Zagreus, the Olympian gods will help Melinoë in battles, but relationships with them need to be built from scratch. Hades II will see the comeback of characters like Demeter, Hypnos, and Charon, as well as the introduction of new heroes inspired by those from the first game. Even though Dora reminds of Dusa, and Odysseus of Achilles.
  3. Understanding the story in Hades II doesn't require knowledge of ancient legends or even the original, despite the multitude of characters from Greek mythology, as emphasized by the devs.
  4. The antagonist in the sequel is Chronos, who is the source of everything, not the titular Hades, who was the main "villain" in the first installment. So, the Time Titan will probably be the final boss in the game.

Additionally, it can be noticed that the graphic design is practically the same as in Hades. Nevertheless, altering the setting, the appearance of familiar characters, or the soundtrack gives the sequel a somewhat distinctive style.

We remind that Hades II will de released in early access on Steam and the Epic Games Store in the second quarter of 2024.

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