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News Files and Mods 20 October 2022, 16:06

author: Adrian Werner

Half-Life: Another Story Combines Valve's Hit With Doom

An ambitious and highly unusual mod called Half-Life: Another Story has been released. The project offers a new adventure in the universe of the Valve's series, but it is built on the Doom II engine.

Doom II and Half-Life are still among the most popular FPS games among modders. One of them, going by the handle LoliKololi, decided to combine them. The result is an unusual modification called Half-Life: Another Story.

The mod is designed for Doom II, but it is set in the world of Half-Life. To play it you will need the project GZDoom and .WAD files from Doom II. Currently, the mod is in the form of an extended demo, which enables you to play through the first two maps.

  1. Half-Life: Another Story - download the mod from our FTP (the author has given us permission to host a mirror)
Half-Life: Another Story Combines Valves Hit With Doom - picture #1
The game almost gives the impression of a demake. Source photo LoliKololi.

Half-Life: Another Story casts us in the role of a soldier trying to survive in the Black Mesa research facility after the infamous incident. The creators has swapped practically all elements of the game - we get new weapons, enemies (naturally in the form of sprites), cardboards and objects in the environment. The interface and gameplay mechanics were also changed.

All this gives a very interesting effect, reminiscent of demakes. The mod effectively recreates the atmosphere of Half-Life, but gives the impression of a title developed some time before the release of Valve's hit. At the same time, the creator did not slavishly stick to the limitations of the Doom engine. By using GZDoom, the project offers a much higher level of performance and modern controls.

This is not the first impressive mod by this author

LoliKololi has a lot of experience in playing with the Doom II climates of other games. Two years ago, the modder released the project Suffering Space. The modification offers a horror-themed single-player minicampaign, in which we find ourselves on board a spaceship overrun by monsters.

In terms of graphic style and atmosphere, the author aimed for the Dead Space series and he managed to recreate it brilliantly on the old engine.

  1. Suffering Space - download the mod from our FTP (the author has given us permission to host a mirror)
Half-Life: Another Story Combines Valves Hit With Doom - picture #2
Suffering Space Source photo by LoliKololi.

Adrian Werner

Adrian Werner

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